✨Letter N🌙

Letter N

Materials Required:

  • Black chart
  • Red chart
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • White Felt sheet
  • Sequins
  • Scale
  • Scissor

The Making:

  • Fold the Red Chart (Color of your choice) in forth to make the 1/4th size (size mentioned by the school)

  • Draw and cut the letter N from the newspaper and then keeping it as the model cut the letter from the black chart paper

(You can even cut the letter directly from the black chart it’s of your choice.. I did it twice just to avoid mistakes and also the Color of the chart is black because we have taken N-Night word)

  • Draw and cut the shapes of stars and crescent (moon) from the white felt sheet

  • Place the letter N along with the shapes, sequins and let your little ones make the Night bright my lovelies

  • Once done glue the N-Night sky onto the red chart

💁🏻‍♀️ Thus our very own letter N was made for the “Art Fest” 😍

〰️Letter M👄

Letter M

Materials Required:

  • Charts (colors of your choice, here we have used white and black chart)
  • Glue
  • Scale
  • Pencil
  • Color pencils
  • A4 sheet/white paper
  • Scissor
  • Newspaper (optional)

The Making:

  • Fold the Black chart (Color is of your choice) twice to form the 1/4th size (as mentioned by his school)

(You can make the smaller version of it by using A4 sheets)

  • Draw and Cut the letter M from the newspaper and keeping it as the model you can cut it from the white chart (Color of your choice)

(The above step is totally optional, if you can make the letter directly on the chart without any mistakes)

Since we have taken M- Moustache, Mouth words

  • Draw and Color the Moustache and Mouth 👇🏻

  • Colour the letter with skin colors (peach,lite pink, lite orange) (this step is optional.., but we coloured the letter M to get a skin effect) 👇🏻

  • Finally place the skin coloured M along with the moustache, mouth and let the little ones glue it onto the letter 👇🏻

💁🏻‍♀️Thus our very own letter M was made 😍

🦎Letter L🍂

Letter L

Materials Required:

  • Red chart
  • White chart
  • Glue
  • White Paper
  • Newspaper
  • Pencil
  • Scissor
  • Scale

The Making:

  • Fold the Red chart (Color is of your choice) twice to form the 1/4th size (as mentioned by his school)

  • Draw and Cut the letter L from the newspaper and keeping it as the model you can cut it from the white chart (Color of your choice)

(The above step is totally optional, you can even directly cut the letters from the chart… just to avoid mistakes I did it using the newspaper first..)

For the letter L we took the words Lizard,Leafs which are found on the branches of the tree..

  • Since we made the letter L from the white chart paper, mommy made Baby Moo to Color the letter with Brown Color pencils to make it to look alike the branches

  • Then draw the Lizard and Leafs on the plain white paper and let them Color it (as per their wish)

  • After coloring, cut it out and let your little one glue it on the letter L (of his choice)

  • Finally glue the letter L with the lizard and leafs onto the red chart paper

💁🏻‍♀️ Thus our very own letter L was made 😍

♦️Letter K♦️

Letter K:

Materials Required:

  • Blue chart
  • A4 sheet
  • Color pencils/crayons/sketches
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Yarn/Thread
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Cotton
  • Newspaper (optional)

The Making:

  • Fold the white chart in fourth to make 1/4th size (this size was mentioned by the school.. but you can make it into a smaller version by using normal A4 size too.. totally up to you)

  • Draw the capital K on a newspaper and keeping it as the outline we are gonna cut the letter from the blue chart

  • As we have taken the word K-Kite mommy drew some diamond ♦️ on a white paper and Baby Moo coloured all the diamond (colors of his choice) we cut those diamonds and Baby Moo glued small threads at the ends (to form a kite) and also to secure the threads we glued a small rectangular paper on it

  • We glued the kites inside the letter K (as the kites flies in the sky) also we glued some cotton in between the kites to give a cloud ☁️ effect 😁

💁🏻‍♀️Thus our very own K-Kite was made 😍

🌦Letter Ww🐛

Since there is a change of weather in Chennai we combined our ‘letter of the week + craft activity’ together into the following ‘Craft Learning’ ?

Materials Required:

  • Blue chart/ blue Color paper (here I have used the scrap blue handmade paper from the 7 Continents activity)
  • Card stock/ Thick paper
  • Color papers
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Cotton, sequins, paint,.. (craft decorating items of your choice)

Letter Ww Craft Making:

??For the Uppercase Alphabet W:

  • Cut 4 rectangular strips (Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy, Snowy days) from the blue chart paper and Place it along with the materials of cottons, sequins, paints…

  • And teach your little one to make the types of weather on each rectangular strips of the letter W as shown below

  • Let your little one glue the types of weather striped rectangular paper they made in the shape of W onto the card stock (Color of your choice which acts as the base, we glued our W onto a scrap black foam sheet) as shown below

As they make the letter W they not only learn about the letter W but also the words weather, sunny day, cloudy day, rainy day, snowy day.. ?

??For the Lowercase alphabet w:

Since we dint have the required Color paper at the moment we improvised by making our own…

  • Horizontally Divide the A4 sheet into two and let your little one Color the upper part in blue Color and the lower part in brown Color (to make the sky and the mud/soil) respectively

  • Mommy helped Baby Moo to draw (snake shaped) grasses in the mud

  • Then draw small w on a Color paper (of your choice) and cut it and let your little one glue it onto the scenery paper made

[Baby Moo even gave eyes and a smiling face for the little worm and said it’s a good worm mommy ??]

Here they learn the words worm, grass, green, mud, soil, sky.. ?

Make these fun crafts at home and “Enjoy the Changes in the Weather with your cute little worms” my lovelies ?

Stay tuned!!! For more “Letter of the Week Crafts” from the ChennaiMom ??❤️

☕️Counting with Coffee Beans☕

💁‍♀️We get freshly grounded coffee powder from Nilgiris shop in Chennai and mommy got an idea on seeing those coffee beans to match it up with basic mathematics and improve Baby Moos counting skills and thus the following activity😎

Materials Required:

  • Coffee Beans
  • Cardboard/foam sheets
  • Coffee/tea cups
  • Glue
  • Sketches

Procedure 1:-

  • Take the cardboard draw the shape of the cup that your toddler is using (number of cups to be drawn is totally of your choice) I drew ten cups since we are gonna practice the counting of numbers from 1-10
  • Once drawn place the coffee beans and cardboard on a flat surface and let your little ones have some counting fun my lovelies 😍

Procedure 2:-

  • Take paper tea/coffee cups (no. Of cups is of your choice)
  • Cut a small handles from a cardboard and glue/insert it on/into the paper cups as shown below

**[Note: If the handles are glued, storage of the cups for later play would be a bit difficult… But if the handles are inserted into the cups, the storage is super easy ➡️ as the cups can be stacked up + handles are removable = takes less space]**

  • Write the numbers (of your choice) on the handles (First we counted from 1-10 then from 11-20)
  • Place the cups along with some coffee beans near your toddler and encourage them to read the number aloud and drop in the required amount of coffee beans inside the coffee cups and let them make some tasty fun coffee counting 😉

He spent a whole hour playing with the coffee beans after learning some counting.., he even brought his construction vehicles along to play with while mommy prepared dinner for him…😊 This was a super simple to make and highly effective activity that was totally approved by Baby Moo😎

Make these cute counting cups and ‘brew’ some ‘counting skills’ into your little ones my lovelies?😍

Stay tuned!!! For more ‘brewed drinking’ activities from the ChennaiMom🙏❤️

🐾Fingerprints Counting🐾

Another counting activity for Baby Moo to reinforce his counting skills with his most favorite painting technique… These can be made easily at home and have lots of fun learning 😎

Materials Required:

  • A4 sheets (or any plain paper or a note book)
  • Paints
  • Sketch pens

The Making of the Sheets:

🌸Draw some flowers with stem (no leaves) and let you little one Color them and then write the number in the middle of the flower as shown below and let your little one read the number aloud and keep the required number of leaves on the stem using their tiny little fingers🌸

🐞Draw some lady bugs (without their black dots) on the A4 sheets and let them Color it then write the numbers on their head/ or at their side as shown below and let your little ones put some dots🐞

🌳Draw some apple trees (without the apples on them) and let your little one Color the trees then write the numbers on the trunk as shown below and let your little ones put some apples on their crowns🌳

🌧Draw some grey clouds (without rain) and let your little one Color the clouds grey then write the numbers on the clouds and let your little ones make them rain🌧


Likewise,… Do make your very own counting sheets (rather than buying and printing the worksheets from the internet 😉) with the materials that you have at home and have lots of fun counting, printing and learning my lovelies😍

Stay tuned!!! For more “simply-awesome activity sheets” from the ChennaiMom❤🙏

🖍Crayon Color Matching🖍

💁‍♀️This is another activity that mommy made for Baby Moo when he was a Year old or so.. This can also be called as a ‘quite book page’, which is super easy to make and play with😎

Materials Required:

  • Felt sheets (colors of your choice)
  • Scissor
  • Velcro
  • Hot glue/Fabric glue
  • Black marker/ Fabric pen
  • Whitener

The Making:

  • Draw a crayon image on a white sheet of paper and keeping it as a model, cut the colourful crayons (2 sets each) from the felt sheets
  • Paint lines on the felt crayon models as shown below(black marker for the colors and whitener for painting on the black felt model)

  • Cut small rectangular strips of (rough part)Velcro and glue it onto the back of the felt crayons as shown below??

  • Glue one set of the felt crayons on the felt sheet and place the other on the sides and encourage your little one to match them?

This matching page is still been played with by Baby Moo… hence its completely, past Baby/present toddler approved quite book page for your little ones 😉

Make this simply fun quite book page activity for your little ones and have a ?-spectacular evening (for yourself) with some self learning (for the little ones) my lovelies 😍

Stay tuned!!! For more “Quite Book Pages” from the ChennaiMom 🙏

📖Anish’s Coloring Book📖

💁‍♀️This booklet for Baby Moo goes back to a year ago… I just wanted to share with you all my mini project for him when he was in his early stages of developing his painting and writing skills 😎

Materials Required:-

  • A4 sheet
  • Sketches
  • Scissor
  • Paint/crayons/colour pencils

The Book Making:-

  • Take a sheet of A4 paper and fold the page in half ??

  • Unfold the sheet and again fold in along the other dimension as shown below??

  • Again unfold and fold the sheet in quarters as shown below??
  • When you unfold the sheet again you can clearly see that you have creased along the edges, to make 8 panels which in turn makes the pages for the booklet??

(You can either write/draw your contents now on each panels or wait till completed ?)

  • Make a slit in the middle of the sheet (four panels to be exact) as shown below??

  • Raise up the middle panels as shown??
  • Gather all the panels together as shown to make a mini booklet??

  • Finally write all the contents as per wish … Here I have made a “Shape Coloring Book” for Baby Moo ??‍?

????This is how our coloring book after coloring looked like????

Make this super easy mini booklet at home and give some creative learning to your little ones my lovelies ?

Stay tuned!!! For more mini-activitiesfrom the ChennaiMom ??❤️


💁‍♀️For Baby Moos sandwich day at school mommy made these 4 cute little mini sandwiches, which are super 😋 and of different varieties from a slice of bread 😎


  • 2Slices of bread;
  • Spreads (of your choice, I have used – jam, peanut butter, Cheese, Mayonnaise, tomato ketchup);
  • Fruit (of your choice);
  • Nut (of your choice)

**(Note:: The main Ingredient is Bread and the stuffings are purely your own creativity)**

The Making :-

  • Take two slice of Bread (I just trim of the edges as my Baby Moo doesn’t like them🤷‍♀️)

  • Cut them into four squares and apply the spreading and stuffing of your choice and make some good tasty sandwiches 

Isn’t “Variety-the spice of life” , make these super yummy mini sandwiches at home and feed the ‘mini-eater’ in varieties my lovelies 😍

Stay tuned!!! For more ‘mini food varieties’ from the ChennaiMom ❤️🙏