📖Anish’s Coloring Book📖

💁‍♀️This booklet for Baby Moo goes back to a year ago… I just wanted to share with you all my mini project for him when he was in his early stages of developing his painting and writing skills 😎

Materials Required:-

  • A4 sheet
  • Sketches
  • Scissor
  • Paint/crayons/colour pencils

The Book Making:-

  • Take a sheet of A4 paper and fold the page in half ??

  • Unfold the sheet and again fold in along the other dimension as shown below??

  • Again unfold and fold the sheet in quarters as shown below??
  • When you unfold the sheet again you can clearly see that you have creased along the edges, to make 8 panels which in turn makes the pages for the booklet??

(You can either write/draw your contents now on each panels or wait till completed ?)

  • Make a slit in the middle of the sheet (four panels to be exact) as shown below??

  • Raise up the middle panels as shown??
  • Gather all the panels together as shown to make a mini booklet??

  • Finally write all the contents as per wish … Here I have made a “Shape Coloring Book” for Baby Moo ??‍?

????This is how our coloring book after coloring looked like????

Make this super easy mini booklet at home and give some creative learning to your little ones my lovelies ?

Stay tuned!!! For more mini-activitiesfrom the ChennaiMom ??❤️


💁‍♀️For Baby Moos sandwich day at school mommy made these 4 cute little mini sandwiches, which are super 😋 and of different varieties from a slice of bread 😎


  • 2Slices of bread;
  • Spreads (of your choice, I have used – jam, peanut butter, Cheese, Mayonnaise, tomato ketchup);
  • Fruit (of your choice);
  • Nut (of your choice)

**(Note:: The main Ingredient is Bread and the stuffings are purely your own creativity)**

The Making :-

  • Take two slice of Bread (I just trim of the edges as my Baby Moo doesn’t like them🤷‍♀️)

  • Cut them into four squares and apply the spreading and stuffing of your choice and make some good tasty sandwiches 

Isn’t “Variety-the spice of life” , make these super yummy mini sandwiches at home and feed the ‘mini-eater’ in varieties my lovelies 😍

Stay tuned!!! For more ‘mini food varieties’ from the ChennaiMom ❤️🙏

❤️Heart Cookies Matching & Sequencing🔢

Another counting activity to strengthen the little ones number recognition skill and extends further by improving their fine motor skill by gluing the hearts on the squares for ordering them in sequence 😎

Materials Required:

  • Foam sheets
  • Scissor
  • Glue stick
  • Sketch pen

The Making:

  • Cut out little hearts from the foam sheets (no. Of hearts is of your choice) and write the numbers with their corresponding dots on each sides of the hearts as shown below👇

  • Cut them into two halves and place them all mixed up on the plate and let your little one do the matching of the broken hearts by counting their dots

  • For the extended activity:- cut out small squares from the foam sheets such that the little hearts fits in them;

  • Place those squares along with the glue sticks, the matched hearts on a plate and teach your toddler to stick those matched broken hearts onto the squares 

  • Finally, teach them to place it in a sequence of ten frames as shown in below pics 👇

This would be a great introduction of “Ten Frame – number sense” for the little ones along with some learning and developing fine motor skills 

Make this easy to make Heart Cookies [name solely given by Baby Moo 😎] with your little ones and enjoy the evening with some ‘love cookie’ learning my lovelies 😍

Stay tuned!!! For more ? activities from the ChennaiMom ❤️🙏

🍎Apple Pops🍭

This easy to make snack pops are super deliciously divine treat for your little ones 😋

We made these for Baby Moos ‘Ramzan activity of caring and sharing’ for his school😎


  • Apple
  • Nutella
  • Nuts (of your choice)
  • Paddle pop sticks (cut into two half)

The Making:

  • Cut the apple in slices (no. of slices of your choice) using a apple cutter or with a knife

  • Stick the paddle pop sticks into each slices (like lollipops🍭)

(You can even make use of dowels as the sticks :- just cut them in small sizes and stick into the apple slices)

  • Cover each apple pops with the Nutella and cover them with nut toppings of your choice

(Melted chocolate, peanut butter, almond butter, caramel,.. can also be used in the place of the Nutella)

  • You can even cut the apple slices into smaller pieces and cover the tip of those pieces with chocolates and nuts as shown below 👇

💁‍♀️These pops also make a great choice for parties😎

Make this super cool pops at home with your little ones and enjoy the happiness of fruity-nutty eating my lovelies 😍

Stay tuned!!! For more “Easy Makes” from the ChennaiMom ❤️🙏

🐰Bunny Shape Matching & Counting Activity🐰

A simple but effective way to teach your little ones about the basic shape and numbers in a fun filled activity

Materials Required:

  • Thick paper / Cardboard
  • A4 sheet
  • Pencil
  • Colour pencils
  • Strong Glue
  • Green Felt (scrapes)
  • Black sketch
  • Scissor

The Making:

  • Draw bunnies in various shapes (of your choice) on a paper and keeping it as a model cut out the outline of the bunnies from the cardboard; similarly cut out the carrots, for the shape bunnies in their corresponding shapes

(I have used the cardboard from inside of the newly, store bought shirts😉)

  • Let your little ones colour the bunnies and their carrots (with colours of their choice) and once coloured highlight the bunnies and the carrots using black sketch

  • Now to make the greens of the carrots🥕, take scrap green felt sheet and cut them in the shape of a bush and glue it behind each carrots as shown below

  • Finally place the coloured shape bunnies with their carrots on a flat surface and let your little ones match, count and play

Mommy taught Baby Moo to play with it and we also arranged them in number sequence to match and Baby Moo came with different possible ways to play with it while gaining some knowledge along the way 😎

Make this activity at home and enjoy the evening with some good learning with fun play my lovelies 😍

Stay tuned!!! For more “Interestingly-easy DIY” activities from the ChennaiMom🙏❤️

🔢I Can Count Puzzle🔢

‘I can count’ is a wonderful math magic which helps the little ones to learn to count in a fun filled way here this DIY counting and finding the missing numbers is very easy to make and learn with?

Materials Required:

  • Cardboard (thick and thin)
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Strong Glue / Glue gun
  • Velcro
  • Scissor

The Making:

I got this idea from a kids magazine where there was an activity of finding the missing numbers but since it was a one time using activity, I was not going to use it, thus the making of this activity came into existence ?

  • Take a thick cardboard and cut into a square shaped as shown below (the size of the cardboard is of your choice)

(I have used a calendar cardboard for this activity, as it is super strong and holds good and also the size I have used is, as same as the model from magazine)

  • Cover the whole cardboard with felt sheet

(colour is of your choice and as you can see from the above pic my felt sheet dint cover the whole part but still it does the job good and I’m fine with it?)

  • In the middle is where the numbers are going to be placed so accordingly either paint the squares or draw them for the numbers (1-20) as shown below

  • Cut small squares in the size .5cm lesser than the squares on the cardboard and also from the foam sheet (to make the moveable numbers super strong) and glue both the cardboard and the foam sheet squares together as shown below

  • Finally write the numbers on them on one side and glue the rough part of the Velcro on the other side

Thus your moveable numbers with numbered cardboard are ready to be learned and played with….

Since all the numbers are moveable you can use it as many ways/times as you wish and make your little one super strong in counting, arranging and in finding the missing numbers my lovelies ?

Stay tuned!!! For more puzzled activities from the ChennaiMom ??❤️

?Birthday Party Favors?

This was a mommy made DIY favor when BabyMoo turned to his “$pecial 3️⃣”

“Party favors need not be elaborate or expensive, it just have to be fun, to send everyone home with little remembrance of your special day” ?

The following party favor is really cheap and super easy to make and it’s customisable as per your choice ?

Materials Used:

  • Chocolate (candies (of your choice) from local store)
  • Balloons (we used the leftovers from the Christmas celebration)
  • Crayons (small ones Rs.10/pack)
  • Photocopies of cake pictures (or any kind of colouring page of your choice)
  • Ribbon / Yarn / Thread (of your choice)

The Making:

  • Take the colouring page and fold it as shown below to form a pocket for the crayons and balloon storage

  • Fold 1/3 of the paper in downward direction as shown below??

  • Fold the remaining paper in upward direction as shown below??

  • Again fold the paper back to one side… and then the remaining in the same direction (such that the whole paper is in thirds) as shown below??

  • Turn over and tuck one side of the paper in between the two pieces of their opposite side as shown below ??

(The above folding of colouring page is how they fold and give the coloring page or the menus in some Restaurants for kids to read, draw and play with?)

  • Keep three crayons (no. Of crayons is of your choice) per colouring page along with a candy on one side and a balloon on the other side;

  • Wrap the whole thing with a transparent sheet and secure it by tying a ribbon(/thread/yarn) around as shown below ??

  • Finally, You can write your little ones name using a permanent marker (optional);

All favors are packed and ready to be shipped off through the little ones bag to school as a return gifts for their friends wishes ?

Since it was his 1st birthday celebration at school.., we made it ultra special with these cute little favors for our happyboy ??‍?

Make this DIY favors at home and share the happiness of love ? my lovelies ?

Stay tuned!!! For more DIY favors from the ChennaiMom ??❤

??‍?Painting (Process Art)??‍?

This activity was a great process for making art without knowing the end result… which made Baby Moo to get creative in every ways he can…?

Materials (that we used but you can always get creative):

  • Paints
  • Fork
  • Paint brush
  • A4 sheet papers (any paper of your choice)
  • Pencil

The Making of the Paintings:

  • At first I wanted Baby Moo to do some fork painting and left him on his own to paint whatever and however he wants to and thus buy keeping the paints, A4 sheet paper and the forks in front of him began his process art…?

  • Next, we painted a lion by just drawing a circle (by mummy) and the remaining was purely done by Baby Moo?

  • And then he moved onto using a brush in one hand and fork in the other and wanted to paint some shapes (you can see from the below pics how he painted those.. no explanations needed??‍♀️?)

  • Finally he wanted to make prints (influenced by seeing activities from YouTube) both hand and leg prints and it was indeed a beauty seeing his little prints on the paper ?

Try this “Painting-A process of art making” at home with your little ones and have an exquisite creative day my lovelies ?

Stay tuned!!! For more artistic activities from the ChennaiMom ??❤️

?DIY Flip Book {Parts of a plant}?

This was the continuation of the previous activity I wrote here. It was a fun hands on activity to reinforce the education he learnt on the unit parts of the plant in natural environment. This flip book is a keep sake material which can be used whenever your little ones wants to learn or reinforce their knowledge on the Parts of the Plant unit ?

Materials Required:

  • A4 sheet paper (2)
  • Wrapping Tape
  • Black sketch pen
  • Pen
  • Scissor
  • Pencil
  • Crayons/Color pencils (of your little ones choice)
  • Scrap Cardboard
  • Flowers, Leaves, Stem, Roots (of your choice… I have used Rose from our garden along with the leaves, stem from the curry leafs, roots from the Cilantro ?)


  • Take two A4 sheets place next to each other and tape it together as shown below

  • Turn it around and draw a Plant on the right side

  • Before moving on to the making of the flip book; Give some crayons and let your toddler color the parts of the plant

  • Once colored close the paper such that it forms a booklet and on the front page write the title (of your choice) and draw a dotted lines along the paper and cut it, in such a way that, when opened it shows the parts of the plant separately ?? as shown below

  • Take rectangular cardboard pieces and write the names of the parts of the plant for the little ones to recognize, you can even draw the parts of the plant behind each corresponding part names

  • Set all the makings along with the stem, leaf, and flowers collected on a flat surface and let your little one do the learning by doing activity

He even made his own plant on the front side of the booklet with those little parts of the plant names ?

Baby Moo loved playing with it and mommy was super-happy since he was enjoying and learning together by this wonderful Play-way method of teaching and learning my lovelies ?

Stay tuned!!! For more Flip Book Activities from the ChennaiMom ??❤️

?Nature Learning (Parts of the Plant)?

Nature learning is the best learning as the exposure to the natural environment improves children’s cognitive development by improving thier awareness reasoning and observational skills?

Here we accidentally studied the “Parts Of A Plant” unit with the nature which turned out to be the brilliant way to introduce the little ones to the plant unit?

??‍♀️ The Story of our accidental learning goes like: One evening we went to the terrace to see the plant and water them; And there, we saw a plant (weed) growing among the plant which wasn’t supposed to be and hence mommy plucked it out and seeing the plant (weed) an idea ? flashed her mind why not teach Baby Moo the parts of a plant and thus the teaching and the learning begun as you can see by following the pictures below ???

It’s said that Exposure to nature reduces stress level in children by 28%…? hence, do this nature activity with your littles and burn (theirs and yours) stresses my lovelies ?

Stay tuned!!! For more Nature’s Teaching-Learning activities from the ChennaiMom??❤️