?DIY Mouse Costume?

Just Another day to put mommy’s creativity into work ?… For Baby Moo’s Story day Activity… As he was asked to wear a Mouse Costume and thus the Making of it follows below???

Materials Required:

  • Gray/Black/white/pink (of your choice) dress

(here I have used Baby Moos grey warmer dress as it was the perfect fit for him)

  • Head band (color and size of your choice)
  • Glue gun
  • Felt sheets or fabrics
  • Scrap Foam sheet (color of your choice)
  • Pencil
  • Scissor
  • Eyeliner (black for the whiskers)
  • Picture of a Mouse (optional)

The Making:

  • For the Body of the Mouse

Take the white felt sheet, place it on the t-shirt in the middle and draw an oval shape, cut it out and glue/stitch it onto the t-shirt along with a pic of a mouse as shown below ??

(Before Gluing the felt on… it’s advisable to use cardboard inside the fabrics as the preventive measure as shown in the above pic ??)

  • Next for the Tail of the Mouse

Take another white Felt sheet, cut them into long rectangular strips and place it on the back of the trousers along with the PipeCleaners and glue them in the cylindrical shape to form the tail (the felt sheet must be thin and pointy as you go to the tip of the tail, like that of the mouse ? tail and also I have colored the tail with the grey sketch)

  • Then finally for Ears

Take the same colored (another) old dress, cut four circles(with a small rectangular shape) of same size (two for each ears) and also cut small circular foam sheet (foam color of your choice), place them in between the two fabrics (like the bread and jam) as shown below??

And for the inside portion of the mouse ears cut two smaller circles (with rectangular shape) and glue it all together with the head band as shown in below pictures??

Thus,.. put together the body, the tailed trouser and the ears on the little one along with the drawing of some whiskers on the mustache area and coloring of the nose in triangular shape with the black eyeliner and your little mouse is ready to enact the story at school/home my lovelies

What more does the mommy wants than hearing his son saying “Mommy mommy moo saved a lion ?

!!I’m the proudest Mommy of the little Mouse who saved the Mighty Lion ?!!

Stay tuned!!! For more DIY costumes from the ChennaiMom??❤️

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