?Ice Cream Color Matching?

First, who doesn’t love Ice cream, baby moo is of no exception in this matter. This one was created as per the request from baby moo. Secondly,  Colors are the characteristics of human visual perception. So when we mix Ice cream and colors together they make great combo of treat to our little ones eyes? 

This takes approximately 30-45mins to complete 

Materials Required:

  • Felt sheets (brown, remaining colors of your choice)
  • Pencil 
  • Paper
  • Scissor 
  • Glue (which can be used on felt)


  • Draw a cone shape on a paper and use it as a template and cut the shapes from the brown felt sheets (number of cones is of your choice) 

  • Similarly draw the scoops of ice cream on a paper and using it as the template, cut the scoops from different colors of felt sheets 

  • Also cut small pieces of each scoops from the felt sheets and stick it on the cones for sorting out the scoops and matching it
  • Encourage your toddler to match the scoops of ice creams to its cone

Baby moo enjoyed each and every bit of matching those scoops to its cone and also finally after completing it, he self appreciated himself?? We even built a Big cone ice cream with all the scoops on it and tried to lick it?

This Activity helps:

  • In color recognition
  • Hand eye coordination
  • To develop the visual perception
  • In the development of sorting and matching abilities..,?

It can also be used as some quite time activity with lots of fun by sorting and matching, while learning about the colors using our toddlers favorite thingy–the Ice cream

Make this super simple activity at home and enjoy the happiness of learning colors with some bright scoops of ice creams lovelies ?

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⚫️Sensory Silhouette Matching Activity⚫️

This sensorial silhouette (shadow) matching activity is super easy to make, match and play with. I had some scrap sandpaper from the 🛣DIY Road Shape Activity🛣 and in order to make use of it made this silhouette matching for baby moo using colorful shapes

It takes around 30min to do

Materials Required:

  • Sandpaper 
  • Felt sheet ( colors of your choice)
  • Pencil 
  • Crayon 
  • Scissor 
  • Packing tape (optional)

How to make: 

  • I had a scrap of one square and a rectangle shapes of sandpaper, I just joined them together using a packing tape and used it as the base for this activity😉

  • The number of shapes is of your choice, (I made a heart, triangle, square, circle and a diamond) you can even skip this step if you have the felt shapes from the other activities

I made the set of shapes again as it was the request from baby moo, the shapes and the colors were chosen by him😍

  • Take the felt sheets and cut the required shapes 

  • Take the sandpaper, lay the shapes on it and draw the outline using a pencil first

  • And then remove the shapes and using a crayon color the shapes, to make it to look like, it’s the silhouette (shadow) of the shapes 

  • Lay the Sandpaper silhouette and the shapes near it and encourage your baby to match the shapes to its silhouette 

The shapes just sticks to the sandpaper without any glue needed and this makes our baby to learn about the textured abilities of this (sandpaper+felt) combo😎 

This Activity helps: 

  • In the development of visual discrimination 
  • To develop vocabulary (as our babies, name the shapes when they match them)
  • In Shape recognition 
  • In Color recognition 
  • In hand eye coordination 
  • To develop abilities in Math and Reading skills later

Make this super simple activity at home and enjoy the fun of matching and learning about the Silhouettes with your babies lovelies 😎

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🚀Rocket Shape Puzzle🚀

Baby moo suddenly got interested in Rockets and started asking me “maa moo do, moo do”(that he wants to do and play with the Rocket) on seeing the rocket Video and so I wanted it to be fun playing with as well as educational, after surfing around in the net — came across some shape rocket activity!! it just ‘wowed’ me but it was made up of using paper and so to make it more durable I have used foam sheets

It takes approximately 30min to build the  🚀

Supplies needed:

  • Foam sheets (colors of your choice)
  • Black chart 
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Yarn (yellow and orange)
  • Cutter
  • Scissor 
  • Strong glue (I have used fevi bond you can even use the Glue gun – Both does the job pretty well) 


  • Take foam sheets (colors of your choice) cut one rectangle; one circle; one triangle; two right angled triangles; one trapezium (I used different colors for each shape)

  • Attach all the shapes together to form a rocket on anther foam sheet in the middle 
  • Trace the outer line and remove the shapes 

  • Using cutter cut along the outer line 

Baby moo started to play with even before I completed it so I just let him and later on I did the following step

  • Take a black chart and place the outlined foam sheet to form a rocket silhouette and glue it together

  • Cut the yarn into long strips and add it below the trapezium to make it to look like fire 🔥 (I even made a pocket to hold the shapes at the back of the chart so that parts won’t get lost)

This activity helps: 

  • In shape recognition 
  • To learn about puzzle 
  • To learn about Geometric shapes
  • In Hand eye coordination 
  • To learn about Art and Colors

Have fun making this super easy shape Rocket at home and let your baby blast off up into the space lovelies 😍

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➰Pattern Matching Activity➰

Patterns are found everywhere so to help our babies to know about patterns we can make these homemade super simple, easy to make pattern matching activity 

This takes about 30min to create 

Supplies needed:

  • Foam sheets (same and different colors)
  • Compass (or you can also use the tape ring as the template to draw the circles as I did)
  • Markers (colors of your choice)
  • Scissor 


To introduce the concept of patterns: First we will make the pattern matching using same color foam sheet

  • Take foam sheets of any color, draw and cut the circles (number of circles is of your choice) I made 5 circles in yellow

  • Take the marker and make some patterns on them (each circle should have different pattern)
  • Cut those patterned circle into half 

  • Finally lay one half of the circles on the surface and other halves all mixed up 

Encourage your baby to find and match the other half patterns to form a whole circle 

Next for making the different colored patterned circle 

  • Take foam sheets of different colors , draw and cut the circles (again, number of circle is of your choice)

  • Cut the circle into half 
  • Draw same patterns on the half circles of different color
  • Lay one half on the surface and mix up the other half of the circles

Encourage your baby to find the pattern and match the circle to make the patterned whole circle


(Baby moo started to match the circles by finding its corresponding colors, so you have to teach your baby on how to match the circles using their patterns instead of colors) 

In this activity babies will do the pattern matching using same colors easily and they might find it difficult with different colors but no worries they will get it right eventually😉

This activity helps:

  • In the development of cognitive skills
  • To obtain differentiation skill
  • To develop hand eye coordination
  • In Math and Reading skills later on

Try these homemade pattern matching activity and enjoy the joy of teaching your babies

about the patterns and most importantly, "Learning new things in life is always fun, no matter how difficult they might be"😎

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🛣DIY Road Shape Activity🛣(Using Sand Paper)

This activity is an effective way of increasing our babies sensory senses while using sand paper road track shapes for playing. This simple activity helps the toddlers, especially for those little ones who are crazy about automobiles, to learn about the shapes and it’s properties, just by playing with it  😎

Materials needed: 

  • Sandpaper (from the Hardware shops in Chennai)
  • Scale
  • Pencil
  • White color pencil (or white electrical tape)
  • Compass 
  • Scissor 
  • Paper cutter 

How to do & play:

There are two types of sandpapers: rough and smooth. For this activity I have used the rough ones (five sheets to be precise but then, the number of sheets and shapes is of your choice)

  • Take the sandpaper sheets and draw a rough diagram of all the shapes per sheet and cut along those rough lines (cut the inner part using a paper cutter)

[ I drew the shapes of a circle, triangle, rectangle, square, and pentagon.

  • For drawing the circle I used the compass and drew two concentric circles with 2cm of gap in between the circles;
  • For drawing the remaining shapes I used scale and drew the lines of the shapes at the border of the sheets and left approximately 2cm gap and drew the inner lines (shapes will be concentric) 

You can even use the objects which can be found at home as templates to draw the shapes ]

(Even before I completed the Sandpaper road, Baby moo started to play with it?)

  • Finally take a white color pencil and draw the road line markings in the middle of each shape to complete the look of the Road (you can even use white electrical tape or washi tape or whitener to put the line markings as long as it sticks and seen well) 

Shape Roads are all ready to drive through and play 😉

(These road shapes are suitable for small cars to drive through only, but moo was persistent on using all big ones, even the train was on the road 😀)

This activity helps: 

  • In the sensorial development; 
  • To learn about texture; 
  • In the development of mathematical language as our babies use it while playing; 
  • In shape recognition; 
  • In knowing about the properties of the shapes; 
  • You to introduce the concept of concentric and
  • Most importantly, they can know that learning MATH is always fun ?

Try this DIY at home and have fun-enjoying and learning, Math shapes together, through the textured road my lovelies 😍

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↘DIY Color Sorting Activity↙ (using craft sticks)

This is a fun sorting activity using rainbow colors of craft sticks, which are bright enough to grab the attention of the toddler, totally into the activity and hence can be used as the quite time activity at home.

This Super simple activity takes about 15 mins to do.

Supplies needed:

  • A4 sheets (the number of sheets required depends upon the surface and number colors you wish to use) 
  • Colored crafts sticks (also called as ice-cream sticks or Popsicle sticks) 
  • Tape
  • Sketch pens
  • Crayons (optional)


  • Choose the surface, where you’re gonna do the pockets (here I have used baby moos writing desk)
  • Cover the surface with A4 sheets using some tapes (for me it took two sheets to cover the 3/4th of the desk)

  • Fold the other A4 sheets in half (in vertical direction) and tape the half on top of the sheets on the surface horizontally (again it took two sheets for me to do on this desk)

  • Fold the sheets and tape the sides leaving the upper side open and on doing so, it forms one long horizontal pocket with three (left+down+right) sides closed
  • To make multiple pockets, just divide it (into the number of pockets you wish to have) by taping them in between and write the names of the colors (of your choice) using sketch pens 

  • Place the colored craft sticks in a box and encourage your baby to do the matching, by sorting and inserting them into the pockets of same color (you can always show them on how to do, by inserting one or two crafts sticks to their corresponding color pockets)

After inserting all the colored crafts sticks (all by himself) to their pockets, Baby moo self appreciated his work 

  • You can even extend the activity by giving some crayons of same color as that of the crafts sticks and ask them to color the names written 

         This activity helps: in the development of fine motor skills; in color recognition; to develop the ability to sort; in counting (the number of craft sticks) 😎

Make this super simple DIY activity and have fun sorting the rainbow of colors at home lovelies 😍

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🎨Painting on Ice Cubes❄️

Baby moo is crazy about paints, everyday there will be at-least, twenty devoted minutes for “painting”. He never ever gets bored of it he just asks me “maa moo paint” (means that moo wants to paint) still practicing on the sentence formation but I just love the way he tries to put the words to form a sentence, since we are speaking bilingual language(Tamil+English) at home. So coming back to his love for paints I was searching for a new way of painting and thus came the activity “Painting on Ice cubes”.

It’s a super simple activity that can be arranged within minutes, if you just have the ice cubes ready in your freezer 😎

Supplies needed:

  • Ice cubes (quantity is of your choice)
  • Tray, Storage bins, Plate (I used a medium sized plate because I had less ice cubes )
  • Paints 
  • Papers (if your baby surprises you by putting their hands in action)

How to play:

  • Make the ice cubes ready beforehand or you can even use the ice cubes which are going to waste from the freezer
  •  Place the ice cubes on a plate and paints next to it (arrange the whole supplies on a mat to make the painting less messy and easy to clean up)
  • Encourage your baby to get into the action of painting the ice cubes (Mine just started to paint even before telling him to do)

           Baby moo suddenly started to explore the cubes and the colors using his hands and that’s when the paper was needed for him to paint using his fingers(hands) and brush. He made beautiful hand prints and even made mommy to join the printing fun

Since we used ice cubes on a plate and it’s really hot here in Chennai we had to remove the melted water more often but still we enjoyed painting on the ice cubes till the shape of the cubes lasted


         This activity is one of a kind activity which provides our baby with sensorial development and art education (2in1) 😉

         Try this activity at home and enjoy the chill sensorial art happiness together and have fun lovelies 😍

Stay tuned!!! For more activities from the ChennaiMom ❤️🙏

👉DIY Name Activity(Blocks)👈

Many toddlers are interested in building, stacking, lining the things, breaking.., Why not let them to have all those fun and keep them engaged in play, while they learn to spell and recognize their name simultaneously? This super simple activity can be made in 15min or so..

Below are the detailed instructions of how to do it all by yourself?


  • Blocks (kids toy)
  • Chart (scraps)
  • Color pencils (of your choice)
  • Scissor 
  • Tape (clear)

The Making:

  • Cut the chart into small rectangular shapes so that, it fits the side of the blocks

  • Use the color pencils to write the letters of their name on the rectangular chart pieces 

  • Using a clear tape, stick those letter-inked chart pieces on each side of the blocks (as shown the below pic) 

  • Finally write your baby’s name on a A4 sheet paper and place the named blocks near the paper and encourage your baby to build their name 

Baby moo enjoyed matching the letters, stacking the letters one above the other, building his very own name tower?…, it was super fun because it can be made both horizontally and vertically… this was a never ending process that helped him to learn and recognize the letters of his name while playing with it 😎

           This activity helps in name recognition, and spelling, counting (the number of letters) and develops fine motor skill, hand eye coordination..,. 

Make this super simple creative name activity at home and have fun building it 😍

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❗️DIY Dual (Color+Shape) Activity❗️

This color sorting activity with shape is a fun way, for our babies, to practice color recognition and sorting out the colorful shape. This activity will also keep them moving and gaining knowledge through play which leads to the development of gross motor skills.

Materials Required:

  • Foam sheets or color papers (of  your choices)
  • Felt sheets (as same color as, of the foam sheets)
  • Scissor 


  • Cut various shapes from the felt sheets (or you can just use the felt shapes if  you have already) 

  • Place down the foam sheets (or color papers) on the floor (I placed it on the yoga mat) and place the felt shapes too 

  • Finally encourage your baby to sort out the shapes of same color as that of the foam sheets (or color papers) and place it on them 


          Baby moo really loved running around sorting the colors through shapes. He had so much fun, he even made snakes out of the long rectangular shapes and joined the sheets together… and the happiness lasted for ages… 😎

           Make this super simple activity at home and enjoy the overloaded happiness and have fun lovelies 😍

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🥚DIY Oval Puzzle Activity🥚

This activity can be done either by counting the dots or by matching the colors. This simple puzzle activity can be easily made at home within an hour or so. Those vibrant colored foam shape gets the attention of your baby and hence acts a quite time activity too (especially during Easter times) 😎


  • Foam sheets
  • Oval shape object  (or you can draw by freehand)
  • Permanent Marker
  • Scissor 


  • Take foam sheets any color of your choice cut an oval (egg) shape either by free hand or by using an oval object
  • You can cut as many as you want depending on the number of numbers you like to teach your baby

  • Divide the oval shapes into two halves using different kinds of lines and write the numbers in one half and the corresponding counting dots in the other half. 

  • Finally cut the oval shapes along the black lines. 

  • Shuffle the halves and let your baby, do the matching, either by counting the dots and matching the numbers or by matching the colors 😉


         This activity can be used for learning number recognition, practice counting, improve one-to-one correspondence, to learn about the shape oval and puzzling.

        Make this super easy number activity and have a fun filled, puzzled, quite time with your baby and enjoy 😍

Stay tuned!!! for more puzzled-activities from ChennaiMom❤️🙏