13th May 2020

πŸ”’ Magical Ice Painting πŸ” 

By ChennaiMom

This is the continuation of our previous activity, we made use of the DIY Ice Paint to have fun and learning at the same time 😎

This process art painting is so much fun to make during this hot summer season where we are stuck at home with our curious little ones πŸ‘€

How to Play and Learn with the DIY Ice paint :

πŸ”… At the first the General Process Art :

This is the usual method of painting… Just place some chart or thick papers and the frozen ice paint and let your little one do some painting of their own

πŸ”… Then comes our Magical Process Art :

Materials Required :

  • DIY Ice Paint
  • Chart / Thick Paper
  • White Crayon
  • Paint Brush (which will be needed once the Ice Paint melts)

At first since we didn’t have a chart at home, we made use of 4 drawing papers, taped it together as shown below to form a one whole chart , since it was taped, it gave four blocks for us to paint on. (note: avoid thin papers since it will tear easily when it gets wet)

so we made use of the first block for Magical Number Finding : i.e With White crayon, write the numbers of your choice all over the given space and let your toddler paint it using the ice paint to find the magically appearing numbers.

We had so much of fun painting and learning with this and my Little Boy Moo was soo happy and over energized to play with all the colorful ice waters.

Its a bit of a messy activity and so i would recommend you to cover the surface, but with the washable paints, the mess wont be a big of a deal. For the little ones this activity is all about the process rather than the product.

Ice painting is such a great summer activity for kids and the kids will love it to the core πŸ’― and the extra great thing was that, it was super easy to make with the kids themselves, who will have magical learning too my dear lovelies 😍

Stay tuned!!! For more Magically Driven Activities from the ChennaiMom β€πŸ™πŸ»