23rd May 2020


By ChennaiMom

Earth Day is an Global Event celebrated to support environmental protection in order to raise an awareness and to maintain clean habitat throughout our lifetime for our future generations as well.

So we did this amazingly cool activity for the Earth Day on 22 April 2020. This activity so easy to make and have fun with, just need a day prior preparation and voila you have an amazingly cool activity to play and learn with on Earth Day 🌍


  • Ice Tray
  • Paints / Food Colouring
  • Ink Filler/ Droppers
  • Picture of our Earth (optional)


A day prior to the actual activity take any round plate fill it up (half way) with clean water and freeze it overnight

Next day take either food coloring’s or any paint and dissolve it in three small cups of water as shown below

Place all the required materials, watercolor, ink filler and the frozen ice tray along with the picture of your little ones choice to see and paint the globe

Little boy Moo had a great time sucking up the colored water using Droppers and squeezing it out into the different places in the iced tray. He created his Lands and Oceans to form the Earth. Watching him making his beautiful earth was atmost a wonderful sight for my eyes 😎

This activity helps the little ones to learn about the earth and its characteristics and also teaches them how the earth is filled with blues and greens throughout, which makes our living a most wonderful one


  • We made the earth again and again… since its the summer season for us here, the ice gets melted soon .. so i would recommend (those who live in hot places) to use the thick paint as it is from the bottle, instead of diluting it with water like we did.
  • And also sprinkle some salt onto the iced tray so that the color might hold for little longer
  • If you lovelies make this iced tray activity, I would recommend to freeze few more trays as one is never enough for the little ones to play and paint with 👀

Make this super cool activity at home and let your little ones make our beautiful mother Earth with their cute little hands my lovelies 😍

Stay tuned!!! For more Magically Cool Seasonal Activities from the ChennaiMom ❤🙏🏻