13th April 2020

🎨 DIY Ice Paint 🎨

By ChennaiMom

This activity makes a wonderful sensory experience for your little ones as it is super easy to make at home and at the same time to have lots of fun, since these Ice Paints will be loved by all kids irrespective of their age 😎

Materials Required :

  • Ice Cube Tray
  • Water
  • Food Coloring
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Chart or any Thick Paper

NOTE: If you dont have food coloring at home you can even use normal acrylic or poster paints you have. This DIY IcePaints which are made by normal paints are also called PAINTCICLES (Paint + Popscicles = Paintcicles)

The Makings:

  • Place all the required items on a flat surface as shown below
  • Break or Cut the popsicle sticks into half.
  • Fill in the ice cube tray with water (don’t overfill) just half way through
  • Add drops of food coloring of your little ones choice to each cube
  • Use the flat edge side of the popsicle sticks to mix the food coloring and leave it inside in each cubes as shown
  • Gently keep in the Freezer overnight

And the next day your very own DIY Ice Paint with a stick to hold will be ready for your little ones to paint and make creative process art my lovelies 😎

Make these ice paints at home and have fun trying them out by blending the colors to create patterns by swooshing them around.

We absolutely loved the making of these Ice Paints as it was a great way to cool things off on a hot summer day my lovelies 😍

Stay tuned… for seeing our “magical painting” an extended activity using these IcePaints, from the ChennaiMom β€πŸ™πŸ»