24th October 2018

🗺7 Continent Matching🗺

By ChennaiMom

It is of great importance that each and every little ones should know where do they live in this world and thus comes the Continents which is the main landmass with many different people, animals, cultures, etc..,

Here in this post I have shared how Baby Moo gets to know about the 7 continents and oceans that surrounds them..😎

[When we went to our local craft store (fancy store in Chennai) mommy came across these textured chart papers which are called has handmade papers and thus it was so beautifully-perfect base for this activity in every way]

This is kind of a quite book page that can be made easily at home with Materials:

  • Map;
  • Handmade papers for the base (you can also use felt sheets or foam sheets);
  • Felt sheets
  • Scissor
  • Glue 😉

The Making:

  • Either print out the map from the google or buy a map from the local store (2 maps)
  • Take one map and cut out the continents separately and keeping it as a model make the continents(2 sets each) from the felt sheets(color for each continent is of your choice)

**[ As soon as the felt continents were ready Baby Moo wanted to touch, feel and know about it.. so I just kept the world map along with the written continents in the notebook and placed each felt continents on the blue felt sheet as shown below 👇🏻

and we did an activity of knowing them in whole 🗺 ]**

Glue all the felt sheet continent together on the base handmade paper as shown below

  • Place the finished product and let your toddler match and make the map by seeing the second world map

As they match the continents teach them about that continent, it’s characteristics,..

The most amazing thing would be is when your little one asks you, “where do we live here mummy? ” it was an exquisite evening for ME 😎 with my love, happy boy 👨🏻‍🎤

And we also made a “where do I live?”(in this world) craft check out the link on how we made it my lovelies😍

Stay tuned!!! For more “learning about the world” activities from the ChennaiMom 🙏🏻❤️