?V-Day Card?

Who needs store bought card when it can be made at home and treasured for life by the card receiver ?

This card was very easy to make from the efforts of two (mommy+Baby Moo)

(Note: It can also be used as Father’s day card)

This was the Valentine’s Day Card for dada by Baby Moo with some help from mama ? It was the greatest of pleasure to make something as special as this V-card with my little one ?

Materials Required:

  • Card stock paper
  • Texture paper / origami papers
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Sketch pens, Crayons, Color pencils (anything of your little ones choice)
  • Pen

V-Card Making:

{Theme:- DADA, I Love U to Pieces}

  • We took the cardstock paper fold it into half and glued a rectangular shaped origami paper in the middle as shown below

  • I Wrote the word DADA in dotted lines (using a pen) so that Baby Moo could trace them (as we are at the starting stage of his writing skill development)

  • To decorate the front page I made Baby Moo to cut small pieces of paper from the different colored origami papers and glued them around as shown below

  • For the (inside) card wordings, I just drew the dotted lines again and made him to trace it and also used the ❤️ Heart Name Puzzle ❤️for drawing the outline of the ❤️ and again some origami paper pieces to fill up the heart by Gluing

  • Finally at the back of the card I just drew the dotted lines on the (textured) origami paper, glued again by him and he traced it out (as he wanted to write his full name) ?

Show your dada how much he is being loved by making this DIY handmade-by-toddler card my lovelies ?

?Above is our priceless V-Day special card which can in no ways compete with the store bought ones?

Stay tuned!!! For more cardmaking activity from the ChennaiMom ??❤️

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