?Count, Match & Color?

Another counting activity for Baby Moo to strengthen his Counting ability and develop his Number and Color recognition skills ?

Materials Required:

  • A4 sheet paper
  • Sketch pens
  • Scrap cardboard
  • Paper cutter
  • Scale
  • Ballpoint pen

The Making: of the worksheet:

  • Draw some houses on the paper as shown below (I drew 5 houses and started with the number 5-9 windows per house ; since Baby Moo was always forgetting the number 7 and also with a small circle on the roof of the each houses)

  • Cut some same sized circles from the scrap cardboard as shown below

  • Color the cardboard circles (colors of your choice) and write the numbers on it using a ball pen (so that the ink won’t get smudged)

  • Place the activity sheet and the cardboard circles on a flat surface near your toddler and let them do the counting and matching activity first

  • Once the matching is done encourage them to make the windows colorful by matching the colors from the roof circles

Below is our finished colorful little houses by Baby Moo?

Counting is ‘fun‘ and when we add ‘color‘ it becomes more enjoyable, thus we had our fun time together and hence, make this simple worksheet activity at home and create your very own “fun times” my lovelies ?

Stay tuned!!! For more worksheet activities from the ChennaiMom ❤️??

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