??‍♀️DIY Birthday Cake Decoration?

??‍♀️ Enter our Birthday zone with this diy construction cake you’ll will be surprised to see how easy and fun it is to make?

To make your own construction cake you’ll need two main items:

  • A plain chocolate cake from your local bakery (or you can even bake one)
  • 3-5 mini construction vehicles of your little ones choice

[Optional Items:
Oreo biscuits (vanilla, chocolate), Nestlé nutties, etc..]

To Assemble:

  • Since Baby Moo turned 3⃣ we ordered the cake with a number 3 on it

  • And arrange the construction vehicles as if they are working on the cake

[With the help of the Optional items:

  1. The vanilla flavored Oreo for the sand effect
  2. The chocolate flavored Oreo to look like wheelsThe crushed chocolate Oreos to look like dirt
  3. And the Nestlé nutties to look like loads of big stones (and also you can add the chocolate sticks to look like logs)]

Since they gave the cake with some ? on it we just made use of it as some red stones lifted by a forklift truck?

If your not looking into surprising your toddler its so much fun to decorate with them, their own birthday cake?

The most important thing is that it takes absolutely very little effort to make this fabulously-stunning birthday cake for those little construction fiend like we have at our home?

Stay tuned!!! For more fiend friendly DIYs from the ChennaiMom ??♥️

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