✍️?Shape Coloring (Board Activity – 1)✍️?

This shape sorting activity is great for the toddlers to reinforce their knowledge on shapes and colors

Things Needed:

  • Black/Green board
  • Color chalks

How To Sort & Play:

  • Draw all the shapes of different sizes on the black/green board and and write their size names on the top and outline it with the color of your choice as shown below

  • Keep all the chalks on the plate or in a cup or on the lid (like me?) and let your toddler differentiate and sort the shapes and color each shape according to the outline of their sizes

Baby Moo loved this activity enjoyed it till the end and after too ?

Do this shape size coloring activity at home and have fun enabling your little ones memory skills my lovelies ?

Stay tuned!!! For more simpler activities from the ChennaiMom ♥️??

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