☕️Tea-bag Painting☕️

Another new way of painting is by using tea bags where we can let in the concept of creativity painting with anything in anyway possible for the toddlers

Things Needed:

  • Tea bags (of different flavoured)
  • Thick chart paper or Card stock
  • Bowls(no.depends on the no.of tea bags)
  • Food coloring(optional)
  • Popsicle sticks(optional)

How To Get Creative:

  • Just take a little water in the bowls and dip the tea bags in each one of them and place the chart/card stock paper in front of the toddlers and encourage them to do the painting and get creative

Mommy let Baby Moo to immerse and soak the Tea-bag’s into the bowl of shallow water 

He loved pulling them back and forth by making trails on the chart

As Baby Moo was playing and painting he sensed the rich aroma from them and so mommy helped him to smell and feel it

Since Baby Moo loved the activity from the very beginning it was the ‘super-simple painting activity with loads of fun’?

This can also be called as one of the great Process-Art as we let the little ones to explore the painting in different ways as possible

And finally when the Tea-bags were broken, those particles from inside them gave the texture to the surface and also to the little ones hand which added a little more of the fun playing while painting

Our Tea-bags gave the colors of orange, yellow, light brown (which cannot be seen through the above images, so you can always buy the different flavoured ones for distinctive colors and smell)

For an extended Art activity you can add some food coloring to the bowls and place the popsicle sticks in each

Which made Baby Moo to have the fun more longer, enjoying the soothing aroma with colorful painting ?

Do this super-simple aromatic Process-Art at home with your little ones and enjoy the soothing effects of the painting my lovelies ?

Stay tuned!!! For more distinctive activities from the ChennaiMom?? ♥️

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