?Christmas Tree Name Puzzle?

Since the Christmas season as begun we tried to incorporate the theme into our activity by making this tree Name Puzzle to learn and recognize the alphabets in Baby Moo’s first name with lots of fun small activities within?

Supplies Needed:

  • Green and Yellow craft paper
  • A4 sheet paper
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Sequins

How To Make:

??‍♀️ This was our evening activity which extended beyond the dinner time?

 Let’s begin the 1st part — ‘The Making’

  • Take the green craft paper and draw an outline of a Christmas tree using a pencil and a sketch pen and cut it out.

(These textured green card stock like craft paper can be bought from the fancy store (where we get all kinds crafts, stationery, gifts…) in chennai) 

  • Cut the Christmas tree by separating them by parts and also make a copy of the whole Christmas tree on a A4 sheet as shown below??

(Baby Moo helped in the cutting and also gave a pose for a click ???)

  • For the tree topper we cut a flower shaped star from the yellow craft paper

  • Now to begin with ‘the Activity ’ just place the parts of the Christmas tree on a plate and the tree outlined A4 sheet on a surface and encourage your toddler to do the matching first

[This gives them an opportunity to learn to find the puzzle pieces to make the tree whole and also helps them to sequence the letters of their name in order, thus forming a beautiful Christmas tree with your little ones name on it]

  • Ones they gets the idea of ‘what comes where?’ you can give them the glue bottle and encourage them to glue the Christmas tree pieces down

Baby Moo enjoyed to the fullest while putting the parts of the tree together with the gooey glue sliding his little fingers

After putting the puzzle parts together we took a break for the glue to dry and had our dinner in mean time and came back ??

For the 2nd part of the activity — ‘The Decorations’ 

  • For decorating the Christmas tree place the sequins (of all types and colors) on a plate and let your little ones have fun decorating

As it was hard for Baby Moo to glue the sequins on his own, mommy helped by placing drops of glue all over the tree (which made it to look like a snow shower on the tree) to make it easier for Baby Moo to place the sequins?

Baby Moo preferred only the big sequins, as the small ones were too small for him to get hold of it and place them on the tree?


?The above picture shows y’all, ‘our very own handmade with love and fully loaded Christmas tree’ ready to be placed on the wall for our 3rd Christmas together as ??

This activity helps to bring out the holiday spirit and Christmas love along with some hands on learning of your little ones Name puzzle?

[You can even make and paste it on a cardstock/thick paper/rectangular piece of a chart and teach your toddler to send the seasonal greetings to their friends/grandparents/family members?]

Make this Activity with your toddler at home and enjoy the spirit of love and happiness in this season of joy my lovelies?

Stay tuned!!! For more seasonally-puzzled activities from the ChennaiMom❤️??

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