?Painting With Sweet Lime?

This is an awesome example for the “Process Art” where we focus on the making of the art rather than focusing on the end result of it. This helps the toddler to think with an open-ended creativity?

Supplies Needed:

  • Sweet lime skin (no. totally depends on you)
  • Thick paper (I have cellophane taped 2 A4 sheets on a thick cardboard) 
  • Paint (of your choice)

How To Start:

  • This painting fun starts with the development of Practical life skill which is, ‘making sweet lime juice’ as they learn the process of obtaining fresh tasty juice directly 

  • Just keep all the above said supplies next to each other on a flat surface and encourage your toddler to begin his work of art 

Baby Moo started with the block printing and gradually moved on to use the sweet lime skin as the paint brush and made his very own beautiful ‘Abstract painting’  

And as usual the activity was enjoyed by Baby Moo and ended with his favorite messy finger painting activity?

This fun painting activity helps your toddlers little minds to create wonders in art with having no pre-determined limit or boundary and also with the structured functional activity in learning and developing practical life skills? 

Do this wonderful activity at home with your little Artists and bring out thier artistic creativity along with thier contribution at home works by developing thier practical skills my lovlies?

Stay tuned!!! For more [Life Skills and Process Art] activities from the ChennaiMom❤️??

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