2nd June 2017

🛣DIY Road Shape Activity🛣(Using Sand Paper)

By ChennaiMom

This activity is an effective way of increasing our babies sensory senses while using sand paper road track shapes for playing. This simple activity helps the toddlers, especially for those little ones who are crazy about automobiles, to learn about the shapes and it’s properties, just by playing with it  😎

Materials needed: 

  • Sandpaper (from the Hardware shops in Chennai)
  • Scale
  • Pencil
  • White color pencil (or white electrical tape)
  • Compass 
  • Scissor 
  • Paper cutter 

How to do & play:

There are two types of sandpapers: rough and smooth. For this activity I have used the rough ones (five sheets to be precise but then, the number of sheets and shapes is of your choice)

  • Take the sandpaper sheets and draw a rough diagram of all the shapes per sheet and cut along those rough lines (cut the inner part using a paper cutter)

[ I drew the shapes of a circle, triangle, rectangle, square, and pentagon.

  • For drawing the circle I used the compass and drew two concentric circles with 2cm of gap in between the circles;
  • For drawing the remaining shapes I used scale and drew the lines of the shapes at the border of the sheets and left approximately 2cm gap and drew the inner lines (shapes will be concentric) 

You can even use the objects which can be found at home as templates to draw the shapes ]

(Even before I completed the Sandpaper road, Baby moo started to play with it?)

  • Finally take a white color pencil and draw the road line markings in the middle of each shape to complete the look of the Road (you can even use white electrical tape or washi tape or whitener to put the line markings as long as it sticks and seen well) 

Shape Roads are all ready to drive through and play 😉

(These road shapes are suitable for small cars to drive through only, but moo was persistent on using all big ones, even the train was on the road 😀)

This activity helps: 

  • In the sensorial development; 
  • To learn about texture; 
  • In the development of mathematical language as our babies use it while playing; 
  • In shape recognition; 
  • In knowing about the properties of the shapes; 
  • You to introduce the concept of concentric and
  • Most importantly, they can know that learning MATH is always fun ?

Try this DIY at home and have fun-enjoying and learning, Math shapes together, through the textured road my lovelies 😍

Stay tuned!!! For more fun-activities from the ChennaiMom❤️🙏