19th June 2017

🐛DIY Caterpillar Color Matching🐛

By ChennaiMom

This super simple and most effective activity can be made in 15mins?

Materials Required:

  • Chart (scrap)
  • Felt sheets (scrap)
  • Pencil
  • Coins (one bigger than the other)
  • Scissor 
  • Strong glue or a glue gun (since we are using Felt)

How To Make:

  • Draw a caterpillar on a chart using a pencil and the coins (I drew the caterpillar on a paper first and then glued it on the chart)
  • First circle becomes the head, so that circle should be bigger than the rest of the following circles and also draw some eyes, antenna, mouth…, and the remaining five circles becomes the body of the caterpillar 
  • Take the felt sheets (since I drew only five circles I took the felt in colors of red, blue, green, yellow and orange) and cut two circles in each using the same coin 
  • Glue one Felt circle on each circle on the  chart(or paper)
  • And the other circles is for the toddler to match 

    You can add as many colors you want and also you can extend this activity by adding some numbers onto the circle and do a number matching activity along with the color matching activity?

    This Activity helps in color recognition and to learn the names of the primary colors and also to learn about the caterpillars ? 

    Stay tuned!!! For more activities from the ChennaiMom❤️??