3rd June 2017

➰Pattern Matching Activity➰

By ChennaiMom

Patterns are found everywhere so to help our babies to know about patterns we can make these homemade super simple, easy to make pattern matching activity 

This takes about 30min to create 

Supplies needed:

  • Foam sheets (same and different colors)
  • Compass (or you can also use the tape ring as the template to draw the circles as I did)
  • Markers (colors of your choice)
  • Scissor 


To introduce the concept of patterns: First we will make the pattern matching using same color foam sheet

  • Take foam sheets of any color, draw and cut the circles (number of circles is of your choice) I made 5 circles in yellow

  • Take the marker and make some patterns on them (each circle should have different pattern)
  • Cut those patterned circle into half 

  • Finally lay one half of the circles on the surface and other halves all mixed up 

Encourage your baby to find and match the other half patterns to form a whole circle 

Next for making the different colored patterned circle 

  • Take foam sheets of different colors , draw and cut the circles (again, number of circle is of your choice)

  • Cut the circle into half 
  • Draw same patterns on the half circles of different color
  • Lay one half on the surface and mix up the other half of the circles

Encourage your baby to find the pattern and match the circle to make the patterned whole circle


(Baby moo started to match the circles by finding its corresponding colors, so you have to teach your baby on how to match the circles using their patterns instead of colors) 

In this activity babies will do the pattern matching using same colors easily and they might find it difficult with different colors but no worries they will get it right eventually😉

This activity helps:

  • In the development of cognitive skills
  • To obtain differentiation skill
  • To develop hand eye coordination
  • In Math and Reading skills later on

Try these homemade pattern matching activity and enjoy the joy of teaching your babies

about the patterns and most importantly, "Learning new things in life is always fun, no matter how difficult they might be"😎

Stay tuned!!! For more activities from the ChennaiMom❤️🙏🏻