30th May 2017

👉DIY Name Activity(Blocks)👈

By ChennaiMom

Many toddlers are interested in building, stacking, lining the things, breaking.., Why not let them to have all those fun and keep them engaged in play, while they learn to spell and recognize their name simultaneously? This super simple activity can be made in 15min or so..

Below are the detailed instructions of how to do it all by yourself?


  • Blocks (kids toy)
  • Chart (scraps)
  • Color pencils (of your choice)
  • Scissor 
  • Tape (clear)

The Making:

  • Cut the chart into small rectangular shapes so that, it fits the side of the blocks

  • Use the color pencils to write the letters of their name on the rectangular chart pieces 

  • Using a clear tape, stick those letter-inked chart pieces on each side of the blocks (as shown the below pic) 

  • Finally write your baby’s name on a A4 sheet paper and place the named blocks near the paper and encourage your baby to build their name 

Baby moo enjoyed matching the letters, stacking the letters one above the other, building his very own name tower?…, it was super fun because it can be made both horizontally and vertically… this was a never ending process that helped him to learn and recognize the letters of his name while playing with it 😎

           This activity helps in name recognition, and spelling, counting (the number of letters) and develops fine motor skill, hand eye coordination..,. 

Make this super simple creative name activity at home and have fun building it 😍

Stay tuned!!! For more activities from the ChennaiMom ❤️🙏