?Pizza-Saver [Colors & Number-Pattern] Matching?

This creative way of using the pizza savers for matching colors and learning number-patterns is the super-simple and easy to make Activity?

It takes about 30-45 minutes to make them

Materials Required:

  • Pizza savers
  • Foam sheets
  • Scissor
  • Sketch pens
  • Safety pin
  • Velcro
  • Strong glue or glue gun
  • Bottle cap
  • Vicks cap


  • Take and cut the Velcro into small squares and stick (the rough side of) the Velcro onto the pizza savers as shown below

  • Take the scrap foam sheets and using the bottle cap as a model, cut small circles and also stick (the soft side of) the Velcro squares on one side of the circles

  • Take a bigger bottle cap (I have used Vicks vaporub bottle cap) and keeping it as a model cut bigger circles from the foam sheets (same colors as that of the smaller circles)

  • And place the pizza savers onto the bigger circles, press firmly to make an imprint and using a safety pin make the three holes from the imprint such that the circles goes into the pizza saver as shown below

  • First to do the Color Matching place the foam circles and pizza savers on a plate

  • And make your toddler to insert the bigger circles into the bottom of the pizza savers

[As the insertion of the bigger circles were quite difficult for baby moos little fingers mama helped him throughout ?]

  • Place the circle inserted pizza savers on a surface and the smaller circles on a plate and encourage your toddler to match them

Baby moo enjoyed this whole color matching activity, it was fun learning about the colors and also to match them, to make it much more interesting mommy just added a flavor of patterns into the play?

  • Thus to make the Number-Pattern Matching take the foam (both bigger and smaller) circles and write the numbers in a pattern form as shown below

  • And place them on a surface and encourage your toddler do the matching as they did for the above Color Matching

To mommy’s surprise Baby moo even placed the numbered pizza savers in the order on the plate???

Baby moo enjoyed and had fun learning about the colors and number-patterns along with mommy ?

This Activity helps in the development of color recognition and number learning with patterns and coordination of the hands and most importantly about the usage of ♻️

Make this super-easy and simple activity at home and teach your little ones about the importance of how, even the waste materials can be used for learning purposes and much more my lovelies?

Stay tuned!!! for more activities from the ChennaiMom❤️??

⚪️Salt Play-Doh⚪️

Salt play-doh(dough) is a simply-effective toy recipe that can be made at home for our toddlers using house hold items, which will keep them engaged with hours and hours of never-ending, imaginatively-creative play😁😛

Required Ingredients:

  • Salt
  • Flour
  • Water

Materials Required:

  • Measuring cups
  • Big bowl

How To Make:

  • Take 1 cup of salt and flour in bowl and mix it together (I have used wheat flour)

  • Make a well in the middle of the salt-flour mixture and pour 1/2 cup of water and start the kneading process to form a dough (baby moo helped mommy with the kneading😉)

  • You should keep kneading till you a make dough ball (as we do for making chappathi's) And make the big ball into small balls (so that it will be easy for your toddlers to play with or you can give them one or two balls at a time and save the remaining for the later play)

  • Place the dough balls (number is of your choice, I gave 4 dough balls to baby moo) on a plate along with other play doh tools (if you have, or else you can do as I did:- I just took all of his toys that can be used in this play and also gave cookie cutters, etc..,) and let your toddler play

[You might wonder, what's that? one dough ball is in different color🤔 — We just experimented one dough ball by mixing liquid orange food coloring into it and it was nice 👍🏻 (the color might stick to your hand at first but after kneading for a while it will get reduced)
But then as it was our very first doh recipe I just stopped with one color😁]

We made different shapes such as star ⭐️, heart ❤️, circle, chocolate 🍫 (you can scroll down and see how we made the chocolate squares😎) etc..,

Mommy made baby moo to count the chocolate squares and helped him to arrange them in numerical order

But then, our little ones have their own way of learning 🤷🏻‍♀️ he just wanted to arrange them in a line 🤦🏻‍♀️

We even made different sized snakes and baby moo made the big snake to drink water 😛 it was such a great, pretend play with the snakes 🐍😂

These salt doh can be good for week as long as you place them in a ziplock bags or airtight containers

If left untouched and exposed to air and heat for longer period of time the dough will be thickened as hard as a stone

And so we kept the shapes which he made outside to make a new activity for later play😎

This activity stimulates the creativity of our little ones with the effective cognitive skills development also a very good hand gripping exercise for our little hands☺️ which would improve their writing skills

Make this super-simple play-doh recipe with your toddler and have fun modeling and molding the doh balls with their creative-imaginations flowing into the play my lovlies😍

Stay tuned!!! For more 'Play recipes' from the ChennaiMom❤️🙏🏻

?Cake-Batter Sensorial Play Activity?

This is a simply easy to create sensorial-textured activity which takes just a minute to set up and also it requires only two main items they are cake mix and water😎

Things Required: 

  • Cake mix 
  • Cup of water
  • Bowl
  • A sheet of paper (optional)

How To Play With:

  • Just take the cake mix in a bowl and pour water and let your toddler do the mixing and play 

We just did this after the 🔎Find And Match🔍 game activity 

  • To make the play more interesting just give him a sheet of paper and let him create painting wonders 

  • It will be very hard to get your toddler to stop, so just join them with the fun play😛

Baby moo was so into it, he just let his little hands freely into the silky batter and enjoyed the changes of texture (from a bumpy powder to a silky batter

I would highly recommend to take precautionary measures, as this sensorial play might(no will) become a messy play😉😁

Though it's a small activity it keeps your toddler busy for longer time and it helps in the development of motor skills, pencil grip and gets the visual knowledge of changing textures 

Play this cool silky batter activity together and enjoy the happiness that fills 💞my lovlies😍

Stay tuned!!! For more activities from the ChennaiMom ❤️🙏🏻

?Rainbow Craft?

This colorful crafts gets the attention of your toddler in no time with their fullest participation without any distractions😁😛 to learn about the Beautiful "Rainbow"🌈

It takes about 15mins to make (But there might be an increase in your making time, if your toddler wants to help you with the cutting process)😉

Materials Required:

  • Scrap Foam
  • A4 sheet
  • Pencil
  • Compass
  • Sketches
  • Color pencils
  • Glue

How To Make:

  • Draw a rainbow using a compass on a A4 sheet paper

  • Outline the rainbow-drawing using the sketches

  • Cut small pieces of foam sheets (I just cut a curve strip, from a foam sheets and baby moo helped me in cutting the small pieces from those foam sheets, which helped him to develop his cutting skills) and keep it aside on a plate

  • First let your toddler color the rainbow (so that they can get the idea about the order of the colors of the 🌈)

  • Finally let your toddler stick the foam pieces onto the rainbow-drawing using the glue

As I have a "Mr.clean" (he doesn't like to be dirtier for a longer period of time) at home, it was really hard for me to make him to stick all the foam pieces onto the drawing,
[since the glue, sticks onto the hand and forms a sticky layer and becomes darker and dirtier soon]

But then, those vibrant colors were so irresistible that made 'my little rainbow' to participate and enjoy throughout the whole formation of the rainbow 🌈

This Activity helps to learn about the vibrant colors of the 🌈 and to learn a new colorful skill called "Gluing" 😎 filled with happiness in and out 😃

Make this beautifully-simple, colorfully-elegant rainbow crafts with your very own 'little-rainbow' and enjoy the vibrancy of his/her happiness lovelies😍

Stay tuned!!! For more super-crafts from the ChennaiMom❤️🙏🏻

➖Paddle Pop-Stick Puzzle➖

This super simple puzzle is an easy hands on way of learning, about the shapes which can be made within 30min

Materials Required:

  • Paddle pop-sticks 
  • Sketches 
  • Pencil
  • A4 sheet paper (optional)
  • Color pencils (optional)
  • Scissor (optional)
  • Felt shapes (optional)


  • Take a pair of the pop-sticks and keep it together and draw the shapes (of your choice) such that it divides in the middle forming a symmetry on each pop-stick and write the name of the shapes at the bottom of each pop-sticks

  • Mix all the pairs and place them on a flat surface and encourage your toddler to match the puzzle by pairing the pop-sticks to form a whole shape together 

You can do this Activity in two ways:

  1. Either you draw the shapes on a paper and let your toddler to match and pair on them
  2. Or use the ⚫️Sensory Silhouette Matching Activity⚫️

For the 1st method:

  • Take a sheet of paper draw the shapes, just by giving a thick outline

  • Cut the paper into two halves in the horizontal direction and place it on a flat surface and let your toddler, match the puzzled pop-sticks onto their corresponding shapes

  • After matching the puzzled pop-sticks you can let your toddler to color the shapes (which will become an additional activity of coloring)

For the 2nd method:

At first we did this Activity using the first method and the following week, baby moo noticed the pop-sticks and wanted to do the activity,
As I was a lazy-mom that day, just took the ⚫️Sensory Silhouette Matching Activity⚫️ and placed it before him and told him to do the matching ??
[who knew that this would become a win-win for both mommy and baby moo??]

This Activity improves the fine motor and puzzle skills along with the development of cognitive thinking and also in the learning skills by recognizing the colors and by joining symmetrical shapes together ?
Stay tuned!!! For more activities from the ChennaiMom❤️??

??4️⃣ Little Shape Monsters??

It's an activity/game were your toddler learn and also pretend play by feeding the shape food to their corresponding monster shapes 

It takes about 45mins to 1hr to do along with your toddler (it's worth spending😍)

Materials Required:

  • Recycled Cardboards 
  • Color papers 
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Cutter
  • Scissor 

How To Make:

  • Take the cardboard, draw and cut the desired Shapes of your choices 

[We took the detergent powder carton and recycled it to make these basic (circle, square, rectangle, triangle) shape monsters and their foods] 

  • To make it to look like monsters give them a mouth (as same as their shape; eg: if it is a triangular monster then the mouth must be in the shape of a triangle)

  • Cover the shapes with the color papers (of your choice) and also let your baby glue some 👀 (number is of your choice) to the shapes

  • Then with the scraps from the same cardboard cut their corresponding (shape) foods of the monster shapes [and wrap it with white chart and let your toddler color them (optional)]

  • Finally lean the monsters onto the wall and keep their food on a plate and encourage your little monster to feed the hungry (shape)monsters 

I had lots of fun making these 4️⃣ Little Monsters with my very own "little moo monster" (You can see from the above pics for the proof 😛😂😇😁👆🏻)

This activity helps in the hand-eye cordination, creative play,.. and develops motor skills–as they help in the process of making the monsters and simultaneously they learn about the shapes and also about ♻️😎

Make these "👆🏻4️⃣ Little Shape Monsters👆🏻" along with your very own little monster😛 and have fun feeding their hunger lovelies😍

Stay tuned!!! For more activities from the ChennaiMom❤️🙏🏻

♻️Bottle Cap Name Activity♻️

This name activity uses a recycled material to help the toddler to recognize and learn the letters of his/his name and also to learn about recycling?

It takes about 15-30min to make 

Materials Required: 

  • Bottle caps (I took them from the cool-drinks bottles)
  • Permanent marker 
  • Cardstock paper (of your choice; I have used green color)
  • Black sketch 
  • Pencil
  • Color pencils (of your choice; I have used red and green)
  • Scissor 

How To Make:

  • Take the marker and write each letter of your toddlers name on the bottle caps

  • Take the cardstock paper and write your toddlers name boldly on it using the marker and cut along the folded line and keep it aside 

  • Take the remaining cardstock paper and draw a caterpillar on it using the bottle cap as a model to form the head and the body of the caterpillar ? and also write the letters of the name on each circle

  • Bold and color along the outline of the caterpillar using the black sketch and color-pencils as shown in the below picture 

  • Finally put the caps in a cup and place the name strip on a flat surface and encourage your toddler to match and make their name 

  • Then place the caterpillar strip of paper and encourage them to do the matching and the name caterpillar ? 

Baby moo loved recognizing the letters of his name and learning about ♻️ from this activity and also he had fun playing with the bottle caps and arranging them in a row and in a zig zag manner as that of a caterpillar ? 

Enjoy making this activity using recycled item and  teach your babies about the outcomes of ♻️ my lovlies?

Stay tuned!!! For more activities from the ChennaiMom❤️??

?Find & Match?

This is a super simple and easy to make fun filled hands-on activity to develop the knowledge on math while improving the motor skills 

It takes about 30-45mins to make it?

Supplies Needed:

  • Cereal box
  • Flour
  • Pencil
  • Color pencils 
  • Sketches 
  • Eraser
  • Scissor 


  • Take the cereal box and cut small squares (it can be imperfect squares) for the numbers and shapes (of your choice)

[Since we had an expired cake mix, I just recycled it into this wonderful “Find & Match” activity for baby moo and also used the same carton of the cake mix to cut the squares for the numbers and shapes?]

  • Write the numbers and draw the shapes on those small squares of the cartons using the color pencils(of your choice)

  • Cut and take one side of the carton and place the small squares on it and draw the outline 
  • Next write and draw the numbers and shapes into the outlined squares of the carton and also use the sketches to give a bold look and a heading 

  • Pour the flour and put the small squares into the bowl and mix it well (to hide the small squares into the flour)

  • Place the outlined carton next to the bowl and encourage your toddler to find and match them 

    Baby moo loved finding them rather than matching them? His tiny little hands were so happy to indulge into the bowl of flour? 

    This activity helps the toddlers to get a visual discrimination of the numbers and shapes and it’s a great sensorial, hands-on activity game that allows your toddler to play and learn at the same time?

    Make this “Find and Match” sensorial game and indulge yourself into your babies ever preserved happiness in the play my lovelies?

    Stay tuned!!! For more activities from the ChennaiMom❤️??

    ?DIY Christmas Silhouette Matching?

    This is a simple activity or a fun game that can be made for the toddlers to play with during Christmas holidays, just by using some Christmas cookie cutters

    It takes about 15-30mins to make them 

    Supplies Needed:

    • Chart (color of your choice)
    • Christmas cookie cutters
    • Pencil
    • Black Sketch pen
    • Felt sheets
    • Scissor 

    How To Make: 

    • Take the chart, fold it into half and cut it

    [Crease the chart further so that after playing with it you can just fold it as it is and store it away]

    • Place the cookie cutters and draw the outline of all the shapes 

    [If you don't have cookie cutters you can even do free hand drawing of all the shapes (of your choice)] 

    • Color the shape using black sketch pen to make it to look like a silhouette

    [I tried to color using black color pencil but it wasn't as dark as I want it to be and hence the black sketch pen. You can see the difference between the snowman and to the rest of the shapes]

    • And also cut out the shapes of the cookie cutters from the felt sheets 

    [You can even design the felt shapes (I dint)]

    • Place them down and encourage your toddler to match the felt shapes with the silhouette on the chart paper 

    Baby moo loved matching them and it was so much fun snorting the Christmas themed shapes (We did this for our Christmas 2016)

    This Activity helps in recognition of the shapes, in hand eye coordination, in getting the toddler into the holiday spirit of Christmas🎅🏻 and to the season of love💝

    Stay tuned!!! For more activities from the ChennaiMom ❤️🙏🏻

    ?DIY Lollipop Shape Matching Activity?

    Different types of lollipops not only grabs the attention of your toddler but also helps them to gain knowledge about the Shapes hence this activity?

    It takes about 30-45minutes to make

    Materials Required:

    • Felt sheets 
    • Cotton swabs
    • Paper
    • Pencil
    • Scale
    • Eraser
    • Glue gun or strong glue
    • Scissor 

    How To Make:

    • Take a sheet of paper, divide the paper as per the number of shapes you wish to draw using a scale and pencil

    • Keeping the above as the model and cut two sets of shapes from the felt sheets one in different colors (of your choice) and the other set from the black felt 

    • Take the cotton swabs and shave off the cottons from the edges using a cutter to make the lollipop sticks

    • Using a glue gun (strong glue) stick the black Felt shapes to one end of the cotton swab sticks 

    • Place the colored felt shapes in a plate and encourage your toddler to match the shapes to their lollipop stick silhouettes 

    Baby moo had fun sorting, matching, learning and (pretend playing) licking the colorful ? shapes?

    Note:: For the colored felt shapes to stick firmly you can even glue a small piece (rough part) of  the Velcro on it (it will help the colored felt not to fall apart when your toddler rotates the stick after matching them)

    This activity helps the toddler to learn about the shapes and colors using the sorting and matching activity to it’s silhouette; develops cognitive development; develops fine motor skills…?

    Have fun making, (pretend)playing and learning with the ? shapes with your little ones lovelies?

    Stay tuned!!! For more activities from the ChennaiMom❤️??