?Find & Match?

This is a super simple and easy to make fun filled hands-on activity to develop the knowledge on math while improving the motor skills 

It takes about 30-45mins to make it?

Supplies Needed:

  • Cereal box
  • Flour
  • Pencil
  • Color pencils 
  • Sketches 
  • Eraser
  • Scissor 


  • Take the cereal box and cut small squares (it can be imperfect squares) for the numbers and shapes (of your choice)

[Since we had an expired cake mix, I just recycled it into this wonderful “Find & Match” activity for baby moo and also used the same carton of the cake mix to cut the squares for the numbers and shapes?]

  • Write the numbers and draw the shapes on those small squares of the cartons using the color pencils(of your choice)

  • Cut and take one side of the carton and place the small squares on it and draw the outline 
  • Next write and draw the numbers and shapes into the outlined squares of the carton and also use the sketches to give a bold look and a heading 

  • Pour the flour and put the small squares into the bowl and mix it well (to hide the small squares into the flour)

  • Place the outlined carton next to the bowl and encourage your toddler to find and match them 

    Baby moo loved finding them rather than matching them? His tiny little hands were so happy to indulge into the bowl of flour? 

    This activity helps the toddlers to get a visual discrimination of the numbers and shapes and it’s a great sensorial, hands-on activity game that allows your toddler to play and learn at the same time?

    Make this “Find and Match” sensorial game and indulge yourself into your babies ever preserved happiness in the play my lovelies?

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    ?DIY Christmas Silhouette Matching?

    This is a simple activity or a fun game that can be made for the toddlers to play with during Christmas holidays, just by using some Christmas cookie cutters

    It takes about 15-30mins to make them 

    Supplies Needed:

    • Chart (color of your choice)
    • Christmas cookie cutters
    • Pencil
    • Black Sketch pen
    • Felt sheets
    • Scissor 

    How To Make: 

    • Take the chart, fold it into half and cut it

    [Crease the chart further so that after playing with it you can just fold it as it is and store it away]

    • Place the cookie cutters and draw the outline of all the shapes 

    [If you don't have cookie cutters you can even do free hand drawing of all the shapes (of your choice)] 

    • Color the shape using black sketch pen to make it to look like a silhouette

    [I tried to color using black color pencil but it wasn't as dark as I want it to be and hence the black sketch pen. You can see the difference between the snowman and to the rest of the shapes]

    • And also cut out the shapes of the cookie cutters from the felt sheets 

    [You can even design the felt shapes (I dint)]

    • Place them down and encourage your toddler to match the felt shapes with the silhouette on the chart paper 

    Baby moo loved matching them and it was so much fun snorting the Christmas themed shapes (We did this for our Christmas 2016)

    This Activity helps in recognition of the shapes, in hand eye coordination, in getting the toddler into the holiday spirit of Christmas🎅🏻 and to the season of love💝

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    ?DIY Lollipop Shape Matching Activity?

    Different types of lollipops not only grabs the attention of your toddler but also helps them to gain knowledge about the Shapes hence this activity?

    It takes about 30-45minutes to make

    Materials Required:

    • Felt sheets 
    • Cotton swabs
    • Paper
    • Pencil
    • Scale
    • Eraser
    • Glue gun or strong glue
    • Scissor 

    How To Make:

    • Take a sheet of paper, divide the paper as per the number of shapes you wish to draw using a scale and pencil

    • Keeping the above as the model and cut two sets of shapes from the felt sheets one in different colors (of your choice) and the other set from the black felt 

    • Take the cotton swabs and shave off the cottons from the edges using a cutter to make the lollipop sticks

    • Using a glue gun (strong glue) stick the black Felt shapes to one end of the cotton swab sticks 

    • Place the colored felt shapes in a plate and encourage your toddler to match the shapes to their lollipop stick silhouettes 

    Baby moo had fun sorting, matching, learning and (pretend playing) licking the colorful ? shapes?

    Note:: For the colored felt shapes to stick firmly you can even glue a small piece (rough part) of  the Velcro on it (it will help the colored felt not to fall apart when your toddler rotates the stick after matching them)

    This activity helps the toddler to learn about the shapes and colors using the sorting and matching activity to it’s silhouette; develops cognitive development; develops fine motor skills…?

    Have fun making, (pretend)playing and learning with the ? shapes with your little ones lovelies?

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    DIY Match The Space with Blocks 

    Super simple, time consuming-easy to make activity for lazy days ?

    Things Needed:

    • A4sheet
    • Pencil
    • Blocks
    • Eraser
    • Scale

    How To Make:

    • Take the A4 sheet paper and draw the border of the blocks of your choice (in any patterns or positions of your choice) using a pencil

      • Place the blocks on a tray and encourage your toddler to match the space with the blocks in the paper

      Baby moo enjoyed each and every step of matching the blocks making Mommy happy?

      This activity though super simple, helps the toddler with hand-eye coordination, cognitive development, math skills, develops puzzle skills…?

      Enjoying making this super easy activity and have fun time matching with your toddler lovelies?

      Stay tuned!!!  For more activities from the ChennaiMom❤️??

      🐛DIY Caterpillar Color Matching🐛

      This super simple and most effective activity can be made in 15mins?

      Materials Required:

      • Chart (scrap)
      • Felt sheets (scrap)
      • Pencil
      • Coins (one bigger than the other)
      • Scissor 
      • Strong glue or a glue gun (since we are using Felt)

      How To Make:

      • Draw a caterpillar on a chart using a pencil and the coins (I drew the caterpillar on a paper first and then glued it on the chart)
      • First circle becomes the head, so that circle should be bigger than the rest of the following circles and also draw some eyes, antenna, mouth…, and the remaining five circles becomes the body of the caterpillar 
      • Take the felt sheets (since I drew only five circles I took the felt in colors of red, blue, green, yellow and orange) and cut two circles in each using the same coin 
      • Glue one Felt circle on each circle on the  chart(or paper)
      • And the other circles is for the toddler to match 

        You can add as many colors you want and also you can extend this activity by adding some numbers onto the circle and do a number matching activity along with the color matching activity?

        This Activity helps in color recognition and to learn the names of the primary colors and also to learn about the caterpillars ? 

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        ?DIY First Day Of School Frame?

        The Name says it all. 

        This frame can be done in an hour or so, once you make up with the design of how your frame should look like (Which is the most hardest part??) 

        Supplies Needed: 

        • Thick cardboard 
        • Black chart (color can be of your choice too)
        • Pencil
        • Color pencils 
        • Scale
        • Strong glue 
        • Paper cutter
        • Scissor 
        • Felt shapes (optional)

        How To Make:

        • Take the cardboard (I used a calendar cardboard)  

        • Cut the middle part to make to look like a frame and Cover the frame with the chart using a strong glue

          • And design it as per your wish 

            This is a very special DIY project as we did it together as a Family ? and which will be cherished forevermore ?

            (The Rocket ? was drawn and the crayons are made using Felt and was attached using a safety pin as it was taken from the crayon color matching activity?)

            Take a snap of your baby holding the frame and make some beautiful memories to cherish my lovelies ?

            Stay tuned!!! For more DIY projects from the ChennaiMom ❤️??

            ??My Face Activity??

            This super simple, fun activity can be made at home to teach the toddlers about their facial features, by using some recyclable cardboards or a scrap chart. 

            It takes about 30mins to create the face with their features 

            Materials Required: 

            • Cardboard (any thick cards can be used such  as cereal boxes, packaging boxes… ?) or a thick chart
            • Pencil
            • Eraser
            • Sketch pens 
            • Color pencils 
            • Scissor 


            • Take a cardboard or a thick chart and draw the facial features (such has the face–head, nose, eyes, mouth, ears) 

            • Cut all the facial features (I have left the face with hair on the head, you can even cut the hair and keep it along with the other facial features so that you can turn it into a Girl face, just by adding the extended hair cutout)

            • Outline the facial features with black sketche pen and Color the face using pale skin color pencil, the hair with black and brown, the lips with red color and the eyes with black and brown color pencils (the color of the eyes can be of your choices too)

            • Place the empty face and the facial features on a surface and encourage your toddler to build the face 

            Baby moo loved building the face. He did make some mistakes but later he learnt to make it in no time and even brought his digger to see the face ?

            You can also make some funny cartoon facial features and extend this activity into a funny playing quite time activity?

            This Activity helps in the recognition of the facial features and in extent to learn about their senses too?

            Make this super fun DIY activity at home and help your toddler to know about their facial features and have fun building one ??/?? lovelies 

            Stay tuned!!! For more activities from the ChennaiMom ❤️??

            ?DIY Button The Snake?

            Buttoning is no easy task for toddlers to do but then, “Practice makes a man perfect”– the same holds for the toddlers and that’s where this DIY buttoning the snake activity comes in. This is also a Montessori activity from which the toddlers learn their basic life skills. 

            This takes about 30min to make

            Materials Needed:

            • Ribbon (length depends upon the number of felt shapes you wish to use)
            • Felt sheets (color, shapes and the number of sheets is of your choice)
            • Big Button 
            • Needle 
            • Thread 
            • Scissor 
            • Strong glue (glue gun or fevi bond)

            How To Make:

            • Take and cut the felt sheets into (any shapes of your choice but it should bigger than the button you have) many squares as you wish 
            • Slit the squares (or any shapes you make) in the middle to form a hole (such that they can go into the button smoothly) 

            • Sew the button on the edge of the ribbon (loosely so that it would be easier for the toddlers to put in the squares)
            • Button one square into the ribbon and bring it to other edge and glue it to the ribbon (so that it becomes the barrier, for stopping the other squares to fall from the ribbon, from the other edge)  

            • Once the glue gets dried up give them to your toddler and encourage them to button the squares onto the snake (ribbon)

              Baby moo was so into the buttoning that he wanted to do some more of it when the squares got over. It was so much fun playing with it and we even did some crazy snake dance moves at the end?

              This Activity helps: 

              • In the development of fine motor skills
              • In buttoning skills
              • For easy pencil gripping
              • In hand eye coordination
              • Shape recognition 

              Make this snake at home and enjoying feeding them with same or different shapes through learning the most basic skill of buttoning with your toddler lovelies?

              Stay tuned!!! For more activities from the ChennaiMom ❤️??

              ?Ice Cream Color Matching?

              First, who doesn’t love Ice cream, baby moo is of no exception in this matter. This one was created as per the request from baby moo. Secondly,  Colors are the characteristics of human visual perception. So when we mix Ice cream and colors together they make great combo of treat to our little ones eyes? 

              This takes approximately 30-45mins to complete 

              Materials Required:

              • Felt sheets (brown, remaining colors of your choice)
              • Pencil 
              • Paper
              • Scissor 
              • Glue (which can be used on felt)


              • Draw a cone shape on a paper and use it as a template and cut the shapes from the brown felt sheets (number of cones is of your choice) 

              • Similarly draw the scoops of ice cream on a paper and using it as the template, cut the scoops from different colors of felt sheets 

              • Also cut small pieces of each scoops from the felt sheets and stick it on the cones for sorting out the scoops and matching it
              • Encourage your toddler to match the scoops of ice creams to its cone

              Baby moo enjoyed each and every bit of matching those scoops to its cone and also finally after completing it, he self appreciated himself?? We even built a Big cone ice cream with all the scoops on it and tried to lick it?

              This Activity helps:

              • In color recognition
              • Hand eye coordination
              • To develop the visual perception
              • In the development of sorting and matching abilities..,?

              It can also be used as some quite time activity with lots of fun by sorting and matching, while learning about the colors using our toddlers favorite thingy–the Ice cream

              Make this super simple activity at home and enjoy the happiness of learning colors with some bright scoops of ice creams lovelies ?

              Stay tuned!!! For more activities from the ChennaiMom ❤️??

              ⚫️Sensory Silhouette Matching Activity⚫️

              This sensorial silhouette (shadow) matching activity is super easy to make, match and play with. I had some scrap sandpaper from the 🛣DIY Road Shape Activity🛣 and in order to make use of it made this silhouette matching for baby moo using colorful shapes

              It takes around 30min to do

              Materials Required:

              • Sandpaper 
              • Felt sheet ( colors of your choice)
              • Pencil 
              • Crayon 
              • Scissor 
              • Packing tape (optional)

              How to make: 

              • I had a scrap of one square and a rectangle shapes of sandpaper, I just joined them together using a packing tape and used it as the base for this activity😉

              • The number of shapes is of your choice, (I made a heart, triangle, square, circle and a diamond) you can even skip this step if you have the felt shapes from the other activities

              I made the set of shapes again as it was the request from baby moo, the shapes and the colors were chosen by him😍

              • Take the felt sheets and cut the required shapes 

              • Take the sandpaper, lay the shapes on it and draw the outline using a pencil first

              • And then remove the shapes and using a crayon color the shapes, to make it to look like, it’s the silhouette (shadow) of the shapes 

              • Lay the Sandpaper silhouette and the shapes near it and encourage your baby to match the shapes to its silhouette 

              The shapes just sticks to the sandpaper without any glue needed and this makes our baby to learn about the textured abilities of this (sandpaper+felt) combo😎 

              This Activity helps: 

              • In the development of visual discrimination 
              • To develop vocabulary (as our babies, name the shapes when they match them)
              • In Shape recognition 
              • In Color recognition 
              • In hand eye coordination 
              • To develop abilities in Math and Reading skills later

              Make this super simple activity at home and enjoy the fun of matching and learning about the Silhouettes with your babies lovelies 😎

              Stay tuned!!! For more activities from the ChennaiMom ❤️🙏🏻