??‍♀️DIY Birthday Cake Decoration?

??‍♀️ Enter our Birthday zone with this diy construction cake you’ll will be surprised to see how easy and fun it is to make?

To make your own construction cake you’ll need two main items:

  • A plain chocolate cake from your local bakery (or you can even bake one)
  • 3-5 mini construction vehicles of your little ones choice

[Optional Items:
Oreo biscuits (vanilla, chocolate), Nestlé nutties, etc..]

To Assemble:

  • Since Baby Moo turned 3⃣ we ordered the cake with a number 3 on it

  • And arrange the construction vehicles as if they are working on the cake

[With the help of the Optional items:

  1. The vanilla flavored Oreo for the sand effect
  2. The chocolate flavored Oreo to look like wheelsThe crushed chocolate Oreos to look like dirt
  3. And the Nestlé nutties to look like loads of big stones (and also you can add the chocolate sticks to look like logs)]

Since they gave the cake with some ? on it we just made use of it as some red stones lifted by a forklift truck?

If your not looking into surprising your toddler its so much fun to decorate with them, their own birthday cake?

The most important thing is that it takes absolutely very little effort to make this fabulously-stunning birthday cake for those little construction fiend like we have at our home?

Stay tuned!!! For more fiend friendly DIYs from the ChennaiMom ??♥️

?Count, Match & Color?

Another counting activity for Baby Moo to strengthen his Counting ability and develop his Number and Color recognition skills ?

Materials Required:

  • A4 sheet paper
  • Sketch pens
  • Scrap cardboard
  • Paper cutter
  • Scale
  • Ballpoint pen

The Making: of the worksheet:

  • Draw some houses on the paper as shown below (I drew 5 houses and started with the number 5-9 windows per house ; since Baby Moo was always forgetting the number 7 and also with a small circle on the roof of the each houses)

  • Cut some same sized circles from the scrap cardboard as shown below

  • Color the cardboard circles (colors of your choice) and write the numbers on it using a ball pen (so that the ink won’t get smudged)

  • Place the activity sheet and the cardboard circles on a flat surface near your toddler and let them do the counting and matching activity first

  • Once the matching is done encourage them to make the windows colorful by matching the colors from the roof circles

Below is our finished colorful little houses by Baby Moo?

Counting is ‘fun‘ and when we add ‘color‘ it becomes more enjoyable, thus we had our fun time together and hence, make this simple worksheet activity at home and create your very own “fun times” my lovelies ?

Stay tuned!!! For more worksheet activities from the ChennaiMom ❤️??

DIY Number Activity (Making,Matching&Coloring)

This 3in1 combo activity is a fun learning process among the little ones?

This activity helps in the development of the number, color recognition and in fine motor skills and also gives them the knowledge about ♻️

Materials Required:

  • Bottle caps
  • White and Color Papers
  • Glue
  • Crayons
  • Sketch pens
  • Scissor


  • Keeping the bottle caps as the model draw circles and write the numbers (you wish to teach your toddlers) onto those circles and cut, as shown below??

  • Place the numbered paper circles and the bottle caps on a flat surface and encourage your little ones to glue it onto the bottle caps as shown below??

After gluing Baby Moo played with numbers by placing it one below the other and we even made a ‘number snake’ ? ?

  • When finished with the playing, take the color paper and draw the numbered circles and outline the circles with colors (of your choice using the sketches) and place it and enable your little ones to color (with crayons) and match the bottle caps with their corresponding colored number circles??

Baby Moo colored even the bottle caps with the corresponding colors of the circles ?

Thus we ended our little 3in1 combo activity with so much of fun-filled making,matching and colors my lovelies?

Stay tuned!!! For more Combo activities from the ChennaiMom ♥️??

✍️?Shape Coloring (Board Activity – 1)✍️?

This shape sorting activity is great for the toddlers to reinforce their knowledge on shapes and colors

Things Needed:

  • Black/Green board
  • Color chalks

How To Sort & Play:

  • Draw all the shapes of different sizes on the black/green board and and write their size names on the top and outline it with the color of your choice as shown below

  • Keep all the chalks on the plate or in a cup or on the lid (like me?) and let your toddler differentiate and sort the shapes and color each shape according to the outline of their sizes

Baby Moo loved this activity enjoyed it till the end and after too ?

Do this shape size coloring activity at home and have fun enabling your little ones memory skills my lovelies ?

Stay tuned!!! For more simpler activities from the ChennaiMom ♥️??

☕️Tea-bag Painting☕️

Another new way of painting is by using tea bags where we can let in the concept of creativity painting with anything in anyway possible for the toddlers

Things Needed:

  • Tea bags (of different flavoured)
  • Thick chart paper or Card stock
  • Bowls(no.depends on the no.of tea bags)
  • Food coloring(optional)
  • Popsicle sticks(optional)

How To Get Creative:

  • Just take a little water in the bowls and dip the tea bags in each one of them and place the chart/card stock paper in front of the toddlers and encourage them to do the painting and get creative

Mommy let Baby Moo to immerse and soak the Tea-bag’s into the bowl of shallow water 

He loved pulling them back and forth by making trails on the chart

As Baby Moo was playing and painting he sensed the rich aroma from them and so mommy helped him to smell and feel it

Since Baby Moo loved the activity from the very beginning it was the ‘super-simple painting activity with loads of fun’?

This can also be called as one of the great Process-Art as we let the little ones to explore the painting in different ways as possible

And finally when the Tea-bags were broken, those particles from inside them gave the texture to the surface and also to the little ones hand which added a little more of the fun playing while painting

Our Tea-bags gave the colors of orange, yellow, light brown (which cannot be seen through the above images, so you can always buy the different flavoured ones for distinctive colors and smell)

For an extended Art activity you can add some food coloring to the bowls and place the popsicle sticks in each

Which made Baby Moo to have the fun more longer, enjoying the soothing aroma with colorful painting ?

Do this super-simple aromatic Process-Art at home with your little ones and enjoy the soothing effects of the painting my lovelies ?

Stay tuned!!! For more distinctive activities from the ChennaiMom?? ♥️

?Matching [Colors & Shapes]?

Matching is the most loved activity in our home by Baby Moo… This particular activity of Matching can also be called as a super simple “Brain Teaser” for our little ones to activate their little minds to work by challenging them, which in turn becomes a great plus for improving their learning skills?

It takes about 5mins with just simple materials.

Materials Required: 

  • Popsicle sticks 
  • Pencil
  • Sketch pens 
  • Paper


  • Keep the popsicle sticks onto a paper and draw the outline of the sticks as shown below??

  • Draw some circles (Colors of your choice) on the edges of the popsicle sticks and on the paper as shown below??

  • Place the sticks and the paper on a flat surface and encourage your toddler to do the matching (Teach them on how to find and match the colors of the sticks on the paper) 

We did the same matching activity using the Shapes ??

  • We used the same sticks and paper… just turned them over and used the blank space for drawing the outline of the sticks and drew some shapes onto them??

  • Encourage your toddler to do the same matching like that of the previous one (only change is that they should match the shapes) 

This was a fun, super-hit activity at home, as he even made his own color sticks and matched them?

These Simple ‘Brain Teaser’ are super fun activities for young toddlers to develop their thinking skills in more creative ways? 

Thus by making one for your young ones enables them to think sharp and see the minute details, which takes their learning skills to next level, simply by challenging their puzzled little (super-active) brains ? my lovelies?

Stay tuned!!! For more challenging (BT) activities from the ChennaiMom??❤️

?️‍?Color Wheel?️‍?

At first we pronounce the word ‘COLOR’ in two different ways

  • Color – American English
  • Colour – Commonwealth English

Colors are the main characteristics of human visual perception which helps to differentiate between the hues of different color categories. Hence it’s very important for our little ones to learn about the colors so that they can differentiate and know about the colors of the world?

Materials Required 

  • Chart paper 
  • Crayons
  • Sketche pens
  • Compass 
  • Pencil
  • Velcro
  • Felt
  • Glue
  • Cellophane tape
  • Scissor 


Here instead of using the words Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary; Mommy has used the words Cool, Warm, and Neutral Colors for Baby Moo to learn the concept in more fun and easy way

[Cool Colors – Purple?, Blue?, Green?; Warm Colors – Red❤️, Orange?, Yellow?; and Neutral Colors – Black, Brown, Gray, White] 

  • With the help of a compass draw a circle and divide it into six parts (warm+Cool Colors) on the top edge of the thick paper and color them using a crayon and below the circle write down the Neutral Colors 
  • And also cut small piece of circles from the felt, corresponding to the colors from the wheel you have drawn as shown below??

(As you can see Baby Moo started to match the colors and dint allow mommy to take one good picture ??‍♀️?)

  • Take the Velcro cut into small squares and glue them onto the centers of the each (color) parts of the circle and for the Neutral Colors on the sides of the each colors as shown below??

  • Tape the color wheel onto the wall were your toddler has an easy access to it on the daily basis so that your little ones can easily rip off the felt circle and put them back onto their corresponding colors by playing a matching game 

From the above color wheel it’s very easy to teach your little ones about the cool and warm and neutral colors and also to learn to differentiate between them?

This Play way method by matching and learning about colors gives your toddler to sort and enjoy the learning about of the basics of the colors improving their recognition and identification skills which plays a major role in child development itself ?

Make this learning board activity at home to give a treat for your little ones eyes with all the warm, cool and neutral colors of the nature my lovelies?

Stay tuned!!! For more colorfilled activities from the ChennaiMom❤️??

?Christmas Tree Name Puzzle?

Since the Christmas season as begun we tried to incorporate the theme into our activity by making this tree Name Puzzle to learn and recognize the alphabets in Baby Moo’s first name with lots of fun small activities within?

Supplies Needed:

  • Green and Yellow craft paper
  • A4 sheet paper
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Sequins

How To Make:

??‍♀️ This was our evening activity which extended beyond the dinner time?

 Let’s begin the 1st part — ‘The Making’

  • Take the green craft paper and draw an outline of a Christmas tree using a pencil and a sketch pen and cut it out.

(These textured green card stock like craft paper can be bought from the fancy store (where we get all kinds crafts, stationery, gifts…) in chennai) 

  • Cut the Christmas tree by separating them by parts and also make a copy of the whole Christmas tree on a A4 sheet as shown below??

(Baby Moo helped in the cutting and also gave a pose for a click ???)

  • For the tree topper we cut a flower shaped star from the yellow craft paper

  • Now to begin with ‘the Activity ’ just place the parts of the Christmas tree on a plate and the tree outlined A4 sheet on a surface and encourage your toddler to do the matching first

[This gives them an opportunity to learn to find the puzzle pieces to make the tree whole and also helps them to sequence the letters of their name in order, thus forming a beautiful Christmas tree with your little ones name on it]

  • Ones they gets the idea of ‘what comes where?’ you can give them the glue bottle and encourage them to glue the Christmas tree pieces down

Baby Moo enjoyed to the fullest while putting the parts of the tree together with the gooey glue sliding his little fingers

After putting the puzzle parts together we took a break for the glue to dry and had our dinner in mean time and came back ??

For the 2nd part of the activity — ‘The Decorations’ 

  • For decorating the Christmas tree place the sequins (of all types and colors) on a plate and let your little ones have fun decorating

As it was hard for Baby Moo to glue the sequins on his own, mommy helped by placing drops of glue all over the tree (which made it to look like a snow shower on the tree) to make it easier for Baby Moo to place the sequins?

Baby Moo preferred only the big sequins, as the small ones were too small for him to get hold of it and place them on the tree?


?The above picture shows y’all, ‘our very own handmade with love and fully loaded Christmas tree’ ready to be placed on the wall for our 3rd Christmas together as ??

This activity helps to bring out the holiday spirit and Christmas love along with some hands on learning of your little ones Name puzzle?

[You can even make and paste it on a cardstock/thick paper/rectangular piece of a chart and teach your toddler to send the seasonal greetings to their friends/grandparents/family members?]

Make this Activity with your toddler at home and enjoy the spirit of love and happiness in this season of joy my lovelies?

Stay tuned!!! For more seasonally-puzzled activities from the ChennaiMom❤️??

?BIG & small Shapes {Sorting}?

This is an excellent simple Math activity for introducing the “Concept of Measurement” into our little ones?

Materials Needed:

  • A4 sheet paper (2)
  • Sketch pens
  • Glue
  • Scissor 


  • Take the A4 sheet paper and draw some mathematical shapes of different sizes(BIG&small) 

  • Place the paper filled with shapes and the sketches near them and encourage your toddler to color them all

  • Once colored, cut all the pieces and keep it aside (if you want to practice the scissor skill let your toddler do the cutting of the shapes and you can help them through)
  • Take another sheet of paper divide it into two columns by writing BIG/small on each side of the paper and Place the divided sheet and the colored shape pieces onto a plate on a flat surface 

  • Teach your toddler to sort and paste the correct shapes in thier Corresponding column 

This activity was filled with the same fun learning as it was during our first tryout?? Baby Moo even sorted and matched the glue bottles ???

This Activity helps your toddler to learn to differentiate between the sizes and sort them easily which develops thier fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and most importantly it provides a fun learning, about the basics in Mathematical concepts ?

Enjoy making this ‘BIG & small sorting’ activity at home with your little ones and teach them to sort out the basic concepts of math through play and learning my lovlies?

Stay tuned!!! For more activities from the ChennaiMom ❤️??

?Painting With Sweet Lime?

This is an awesome example for the “Process Art” where we focus on the making of the art rather than focusing on the end result of it. This helps the toddler to think with an open-ended creativity?

Supplies Needed:

  • Sweet lime skin (no. totally depends on you)
  • Thick paper (I have cellophane taped 2 A4 sheets on a thick cardboard) 
  • Paint (of your choice)

How To Start:

  • This painting fun starts with the development of Practical life skill which is, ‘making sweet lime juice’ as they learn the process of obtaining fresh tasty juice directly 

  • Just keep all the above said supplies next to each other on a flat surface and encourage your toddler to begin his work of art 

Baby Moo started with the block printing and gradually moved on to use the sweet lime skin as the paint brush and made his very own beautiful ‘Abstract painting’  

And as usual the activity was enjoyed by Baby Moo and ended with his favorite messy finger painting activity?

This fun painting activity helps your toddlers little minds to create wonders in art with having no pre-determined limit or boundary and also with the structured functional activity in learning and developing practical life skills? 

Do this wonderful activity at home with your little Artists and bring out thier artistic creativity along with thier contribution at home works by developing thier practical skills my lovlies?

Stay tuned!!! For more [Life Skills and Process Art] activities from the ChennaiMom❤️??