🔢I Can Count Puzzle🔢

‘I can count’ is a wonderful math magic which helps the little ones to learn to count in a fun filled way here this DIY counting and finding the missing numbers is very easy to make and learn with?

Materials Required:

  • Cardboard (thick and thin)
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Strong Glue / Glue gun
  • Velcro
  • Scissor

The Making:

I got this idea from a kids magazine where there was an activity of finding the missing numbers but since it was a one time using activity, I was not going to use it, thus the making of this activity came into existence ?

  • Take a thick cardboard and cut into a square shaped as shown below (the size of the cardboard is of your choice)

(I have used a calendar cardboard for this activity, as it is super strong and holds good and also the size I have used is, as same as the model from magazine)

  • Cover the whole cardboard with felt sheet

(colour is of your choice and as you can see from the above pic my felt sheet dint cover the whole part but still it does the job good and I’m fine with it?)

  • In the middle is where the numbers are going to be placed so accordingly either paint the squares or draw them for the numbers (1-20) as shown below

  • Cut small squares in the size .5cm lesser than the squares on the cardboard and also from the foam sheet (to make the moveable numbers super strong) and glue both the cardboard and the foam sheet squares together as shown below

  • Finally write the numbers on them on one side and glue the rough part of the Velcro on the other side

Thus your moveable numbers with numbered cardboard are ready to be learned and played with….

Since all the numbers are moveable you can use it as many ways/times as you wish and make your little one super strong in counting, arranging and in finding the missing numbers my lovelies ?

Stay tuned!!! For more puzzled activities from the ChennaiMom ??❤️

?Birthday Party Favors?

This was a mommy made DIY favor when BabyMoo turned to his “$pecial 3️⃣”

“Party favors need not be elaborate or expensive, it just have to be fun, to send everyone home with little remembrance of your special day” ?

The following party favor is really cheap and super easy to make and it’s customisable as per your choice ?

Materials Used:

  • Chocolate (candies (of your choice) from local store)
  • Balloons (we used the leftovers from the Christmas celebration)
  • Crayons (small ones Rs.10/pack)
  • Photocopies of cake pictures (or any kind of colouring page of your choice)
  • Ribbon / Yarn / Thread (of your choice)

The Making:

  • Take the colouring page and fold it as shown below to form a pocket for the crayons and balloon storage

  • Fold 1/3 of the paper in downward direction as shown below??

  • Fold the remaining paper in upward direction as shown below??

  • Again fold the paper back to one side… and then the remaining in the same direction (such that the whole paper is in thirds) as shown below??

  • Turn over and tuck one side of the paper in between the two pieces of their opposite side as shown below ??

(The above folding of colouring page is how they fold and give the coloring page or the menus in some Restaurants for kids to read, draw and play with?)

  • Keep three crayons (no. Of crayons is of your choice) per colouring page along with a candy on one side and a balloon on the other side;

  • Wrap the whole thing with a transparent sheet and secure it by tying a ribbon(/thread/yarn) around as shown below ??

  • Finally, You can write your little ones name using a permanent marker (optional);

All favors are packed and ready to be shipped off through the little ones bag to school as a return gifts for their friends wishes ?

Since it was his 1st birthday celebration at school.., we made it ultra special with these cute little favors for our happyboy ??‍?

Make this DIY favors at home and share the happiness of love ? my lovelies ?

Stay tuned!!! For more DIY favors from the ChennaiMom ??❤

??‍?Painting (Process Art)??‍?

This activity was a great process for making art without knowing the end result… which made Baby Moo to get creative in every ways he can…?

Materials (that we used but you can always get creative):

  • Paints
  • Fork
  • Paint brush
  • A4 sheet papers (any paper of your choice)
  • Pencil

The Making of the Paintings:

  • At first I wanted Baby Moo to do some fork painting and left him on his own to paint whatever and however he wants to and thus buy keeping the paints, A4 sheet paper and the forks in front of him began his process art…?

  • Next, we painted a lion by just drawing a circle (by mummy) and the remaining was purely done by Baby Moo?

  • And then he moved onto using a brush in one hand and fork in the other and wanted to paint some shapes (you can see from the below pics how he painted those.. no explanations needed??‍♀️?)

  • Finally he wanted to make prints (influenced by seeing activities from YouTube) both hand and leg prints and it was indeed a beauty seeing his little prints on the paper ?

Try this “Painting-A process of art making” at home with your little ones and have an exquisite creative day my lovelies ?

Stay tuned!!! For more artistic activities from the ChennaiMom ??❤️