?Christmas Tree Name Puzzle?

Since the Christmas season as begun we tried to incorporate the theme into our activity by making this tree Name Puzzle to learn and recognize the alphabets in Baby Moo’s first name with lots of fun small activities within?

Supplies Needed:

  • Green and Yellow craft paper
  • A4 sheet paper
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Sequins

How To Make:

??‍♀️ This was our evening activity which extended beyond the dinner time?

 Let’s begin the 1st part — ‘The Making’

  • Take the green craft paper and draw an outline of a Christmas tree using a pencil and a sketch pen and cut it out.

(These textured green card stock like craft paper can be bought from the fancy store (where we get all kinds crafts, stationery, gifts…) in chennai) 

  • Cut the Christmas tree by separating them by parts and also make a copy of the whole Christmas tree on a A4 sheet as shown below??

(Baby Moo helped in the cutting and also gave a pose for a click ???)

  • For the tree topper we cut a flower shaped star from the yellow craft paper

  • Now to begin with ‘the Activity ’ just place the parts of the Christmas tree on a plate and the tree outlined A4 sheet on a surface and encourage your toddler to do the matching first

[This gives them an opportunity to learn to find the puzzle pieces to make the tree whole and also helps them to sequence the letters of their name in order, thus forming a beautiful Christmas tree with your little ones name on it]

  • Ones they gets the idea of ‘what comes where?’ you can give them the glue bottle and encourage them to glue the Christmas tree pieces down

Baby Moo enjoyed to the fullest while putting the parts of the tree together with the gooey glue sliding his little fingers

After putting the puzzle parts together we took a break for the glue to dry and had our dinner in mean time and came back ??

For the 2nd part of the activity — ‘The Decorations’ 

  • For decorating the Christmas tree place the sequins (of all types and colors) on a plate and let your little ones have fun decorating

As it was hard for Baby Moo to glue the sequins on his own, mommy helped by placing drops of glue all over the tree (which made it to look like a snow shower on the tree) to make it easier for Baby Moo to place the sequins?

Baby Moo preferred only the big sequins, as the small ones were too small for him to get hold of it and place them on the tree?


?The above picture shows y’all, ‘our very own handmade with love and fully loaded Christmas tree’ ready to be placed on the wall for our 3rd Christmas together as ??

This activity helps to bring out the holiday spirit and Christmas love along with some hands on learning of your little ones Name puzzle?

[You can even make and paste it on a cardstock/thick paper/rectangular piece of a chart and teach your toddler to send the seasonal greetings to their friends/grandparents/family members?]

Make this Activity with your toddler at home and enjoy the spirit of love and happiness in this season of joy my lovelies?

Stay tuned!!! For more seasonally-puzzled activities from the ChennaiMom❤️??

?BIG & small Shapes {Sorting}?

This is an excellent simple Math activity for introducing the “Concept of Measurement” into our little ones?

Materials Needed:

  • A4 sheet paper (2)
  • Sketch pens
  • Glue
  • Scissor 


  • Take the A4 sheet paper and draw some mathematical shapes of different sizes(BIG&small) 

  • Place the paper filled with shapes and the sketches near them and encourage your toddler to color them all

  • Once colored, cut all the pieces and keep it aside (if you want to practice the scissor skill let your toddler do the cutting of the shapes and you can help them through)
  • Take another sheet of paper divide it into two columns by writing BIG/small on each side of the paper and Place the divided sheet and the colored shape pieces onto a plate on a flat surface 

  • Teach your toddler to sort and paste the correct shapes in thier Corresponding column 

This activity was filled with the same fun learning as it was during our first tryout?? Baby Moo even sorted and matched the glue bottles ???

This Activity helps your toddler to learn to differentiate between the sizes and sort them easily which develops thier fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and most importantly it provides a fun learning, about the basics in Mathematical concepts ?

Enjoy making this ‘BIG & small sorting’ activity at home with your little ones and teach them to sort out the basic concepts of math through play and learning my lovlies?

Stay tuned!!! For more activities from the ChennaiMom ❤️??

?Painting With Sweet Lime?

This is an awesome example for the “Process Art” where we focus on the making of the art rather than focusing on the end result of it. This helps the toddler to think with an open-ended creativity?

Supplies Needed:

  • Sweet lime skin (no. totally depends on you)
  • Thick paper (I have cellophane taped 2 A4 sheets on a thick cardboard) 
  • Paint (of your choice)

How To Start:

  • This painting fun starts with the development of Practical life skill which is, ‘making sweet lime juice’ as they learn the process of obtaining fresh tasty juice directly 

  • Just keep all the above said supplies next to each other on a flat surface and encourage your toddler to begin his work of art 

Baby Moo started with the block printing and gradually moved on to use the sweet lime skin as the paint brush and made his very own beautiful ‘Abstract painting’  

And as usual the activity was enjoyed by Baby Moo and ended with his favorite messy finger painting activity?

This fun painting activity helps your toddlers little minds to create wonders in art with having no pre-determined limit or boundary and also with the structured functional activity in learning and developing practical life skills? 

Do this wonderful activity at home with your little Artists and bring out thier artistic creativity along with thier contribution at home works by developing thier practical skills my lovlies?

Stay tuned!!! For more [Life Skills and Process Art] activities from the ChennaiMom❤️??

?Fishy-Tail Matching?

Another super easy to make, simple matching activity to develop Art and Math skills in your toddler

Materials Required: 

  • Foam sheets 
  • Sketches 
  • Pencil
  • Scissor 


  • Draw and cut the fish outline on a foam sheets (color of your choice)  

  • Give the sketches to your toddler and let him design his own variety of fishes (number of fishes depends on the numbers you wish to teach your toddler) 

I would recommend y’all to give the fishes an outline in black sketch pen so that your little ones will learn to color within (without going out)?

Baby Moo happily played with his fishes for sometime after making them all colorful?

Then Just like that while playing he began to match the sketches with their corresponding colors of his fishes (this was an unexpected extra color matching activity which helped him to learn about the colors by matching them) 

  • Once your little artist finishes his work just take the fish and cut its tail off 

We also did an extra activity of matching colors of his fishy’s to their corresponding color tails 

  • Then write the numbers on the body and to their corresponding tail as shown in the picture below??

  • Mix it all up and place it near your toddler and encourage them to match the fishes to their corresponding tails (by their Numbers)

Baby moo was so happy to give his fishes their tails that he began to match them with their colors first, but later when mommy taught him, he learnt how to do the Number matching gradually  (it will take sometime to learn the two digit numbers) 

This Activity helps in the development of math and puzzle skills and also to develop their creativity of coloring and art 

Make these super-easy ‘Fishy-Tail matching’ activity and have fun enjoying the ‘Art with Math’ my lovelies?

Stay tuned!!! For more activities from the ChennaiMom❤️??

?Rain Drops Counting?

We can say that this is The “Perfect” Activity for a perfect “Rainy Day”

It takes about 30mins to make these lovely rain ? with their ☁️

Materials Required:

  • Cardboard paper (I have used a recycled cardboard that comes with the formal shirts when we buy at textile shops)
  • Color pencils
  • Blue Foam sheet
  • Scissor

How To Make:

  • Take the cardboard paper and draw some clouds ☁️ on it using a pencil (number of clouds depends on the numbers you wish to teach your little one) and Cut the clouds separately

  • Color it with grey color pencil to make it to look like grey clouds and write the numbers on them as shown below??

  • Take the blue foam sheet, draw and cut the shape of the rain drops ? from it as shown below ??

  • Finally place the clouds in order on a flat surface and all the rain drops on a plate and encourage your little one, to match the numbers by counting and placing the rain drops below their corresponding number cloud ?

This perfectly ?? activity of counting the rain drops on a rainy day was so much fun for Baby Moo, as he was able to touch the rain drops and play with them by learning some basic numbers of Math along ??

This activity helps your little ones to develop their 1:1 Correspondence, Sequencing and their mathematical skills of counting the numbers along with a little fun play ?

Make this ‘Rainy Clouds’ at home to have some quick and easy learning, along with your toddlers my lovelies?

Stay tuned!!! For more super-fun Rainy activities from the ChennaiMom ??❤️

?Beads & PipeCleaners?

Beads and Pipe cleaners together form a simple math activity for our young toddlers to know and learn about the basic concept of counting which leads and helps in the development of the great Fine Motor Skills?

It just takes a minute or so to set up this activity 

Materials Required: 

  • Beads
  • Cup
  • Pipe Cleaners 

How To Play With:

  • Just set up the beads in a cup along with the different colored pipe cleaners on a surface and encourage your toddler to thread the beads onto the pipe cleaner

Baby Moo loved this activity with the pipe cleaners and the beads. At first he started to touch and feel the texture of beads and the round colorful beads. 

Later when Mommy taught him on how to play with, he learnt to thread the beads and started the counting play.

 It was an ‘organic play’ (as I dint want him to do the same old, sorting or counting or matching of the numbers). It was an healthy fun filled activity of that day as he explored and learnt all by himself just by playing along. 

Baby Moo made a snake ? and played with them for sometime by dragging the beads up and down and of course he loved when the beads flinged into the air and fell on the floor??‍♀️ and then we both together made a bracelet which he loved and he asked me to take photo(selfie) as he sat on me to show it to his dada??

This Activity helps your toddler to learn, build and develop their fine motor skills, strengthen their little hand muscles (which helps them in their future writing skills), develops their  hand-eye coordination (as they need lots of concentration to thread the beads onto the pipe cleaners), and last but not the least they develop their basic math skills and colors with this fun play?

Do this super-exiting activity at home with your young ones and have fun developing their early stages of  motor-numeracy skills my lovlies?

Stay tuned!!! For more organic activities from the ChennaiMom❤️??