?Making Of Jack-O-Laterns?

As Halloween was around the corner we made these adorable Jack-O-Laterns using scrap felt sheets

It takes about 30minutes are so to complete these ?

Materials Required:

  • Felt sheets (Orange, Yellow, Black)
  • Pipe cleaners (Green)
  • Scissor


  • Draw a shape of a pumpkin on a paper and keeping that as model cut out pumpkins from the felt sheets (number of pumpkins is of your choice)

  • Now, (the pumpkins eyes, nose and mouth are gonna be in the form of different mathematical shapes) draw some small shapes (of your choice) onto the paper and keeping it as a model, cut out the same from the yellow and black felt sheets

(Here I have used the shape model from the ?Lollipop Shape Matching Activity?)

  • Also cut rectangular pieces from the green pipe cleaners to form a stem and Make a hole on the stem area of the pumpkins so that the pipe cleaners gets through them to form a stem

  • Finally place the pumpkins, the shapes and the stems on a surface and invite your toddler to build the pumpkins on their own way

At first Baby Moo started doing an activity of touch and feel (Felt, Pipe Cleaners) and later as I showed him, how to make the shapes to form a face on the pumpkins, he just loved the making of the ? with different shapes?

Baby Moo made “a Happy Face, a Sad Face, and a Surprised Face” , it was a speechless and happiest moment for me to see, how the little ones are getting creative and using thier knowledge of learning while playing?

Again he started to make New faces and this time he made Happy faces? (for mommy)

It was going on like an endless cycle for a long time and at last he made a jack-o-lantern with cheeks☺️?? (I dint even think that can be done until he showed me by doing so)

My most favorite from all the above ones, is the below ?? Jack-O-Latern ?

This Activity helps your toddler to think and be creative in his/her own ways without any limitations and also of course learns about the shapes and how they can be manipulated to express different emotions on thier own?

Make these ‘Jack-O-Laterns’ at home for the Halloween and enjoy the ‘Day Of Dead’ with fun-learning my lovlies?

Stay tuned!!! For more Halloween activities from the ChennaiMom❤️??

?Tasty Fruits (Outline) Matching and Coloring?

As ‘Visual discrimination’ is the ability to recognize details in visual images, this activity of ‘tasty fruits—matching and coloring’ helps the children to develop the above said skill with fun and enjoyment among your little ones?

This activity takes about a minute or two to set up and have fun with?

Materials Required: 

  • A4 sheet paper
  • Sketches 
  • Pencil
  • Crayons 

How To Have Fun:

  • Draw some tasty fruits(of your choice or your babies choice) onto the A4 sheet paper??

  • Use the sketches to outline those fruits??

  • Place the paper and some crayons of the same color as that of the outlined fruits on a flat surface??

  • And finally invite your toddler to do some coloring by matching the outline of the fruits

??Who doesn’t love colors, fruits and coloring??? Baby Moo was no exception, he was so excited to see the fruits and to color them all by himself, was a great treat for him ?

??This activity not only develops the visual discrimination of your toddler but also they get to know their colors and the tasty fruits name?

Make this tasty fruit coloring page and let your toddler, enjoy the treat of colors, by matching and coloring them my lovelies?

Stay tuned!!! For more ‘Visual Perceptual skilled’  activities from the ChennaiMom❤️??

?Palette Color Matching?

“Color”- What a deep and powerful language, which has features that arouse interests within our Babies. Every child is an ‘Artist’ who create ‘wonders’ when given a ‘palette of colors’ ?. This palette activity is super-simple to make and play with?

It takes about 30min to make this Activity 

Materials Required:

  • Cardboard 
  • Felt sheets or sketches 
  • Scissor 
  • Clothpins 
  • Strong glue/ glue gun


  • Take the cardboard, draw and cut the shape of a palette ? 

  • For the colors on the palette cut some felt sheets (colors of your choice) stick it onto the cardboard palette as shown below??

  • Take the clothpins and stick the same colors as that from the cardboard palette, on the edges as shown below??

  • Place the clothpins on a plate and the palette  on a surface and encourage your toddler to do the matching 

As you can see from the above pics, Baby Moo loved to touch and play with the colors on the palette and to do the clipping of the clothpins onto the palette ? It was so much fun learning the ‘colors’ while playing and enjoying with them

This activity helps in the strengthening of the hand muscles and also in the development of  fine motor skills ?

Make this beautifully-simple palette at home and enjoy the joy of ‘learn-through-play’ method in a colorful way my lovlies?

Stay tuned!!! For more colorful activities from the ChennaiMom ❤️??