?Water Activity?

This activity is super easy to set up and play with in mins during the hot summer time☀️

Materials Required: 

  • Big Bowl of water 
  • Two small bowls 
  • Beads 
  • Food coloring/Water colors
  • Measuring spoons 
  • Cup/bowl (optional)
  • Big mat or cloth (for easy clean up)

How To Play:

  • At first we started with a simple Water transferring activity — a big bowl of water and two small empty bowls and some measuring spoons 

  • Baby Moo was asked to transfer the water from the big bowl into the small bowls and that went on well for some time 

  • As he started to spill the water around him, mommy introduced the Bead transfer activity by putting some colorful beads into the big bowl and emptied the small bowls 

  • Baby Moo was asked to transfer only the beads from the water into the small bowls and that was an hit too 

  • Finally, Bead Sorting and Matching activity — mommy just dripped some few drops of food coloring into the small bowls and asked Baby Moo to sort and transfer the correct Bead from the big bowl of water into the corresponding colored small bowls and do the matching  

  • Since there were more than three colored beads mommy just kept a separate cup for the beads that doesn’t match the colored bowls and that was an huge hit too

Every baby loves playing with water, Baby Moo was no exception he loved this particular activity as he enjoyed it throughout the play?

??Water transfer; Bead transfer; Matching the beads with the colored water; Mixing the colored waters — are the quick to set up toddler activities for learning to spoon, developing fine motor skills ?… 

[#wateractivities #easytodoathome #finemotorskill #learningthroughplay #funplaytime #summertime #happytoddler] — Make this 3in1 multi-activity with your toddler during summer time and enjoy the fun-learning by beating the heat at home my lovlies?

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❕Foam Pieces Sorting❕

As the sorting and matching are so fun and joyful Math activity that are loved by many toddlers hence can also be used for developing the fine motor skills

It takes about 10mins to make (with your toddler) and start the sorting ?

Materials Required:

  • Scrap foam or foam pieces
  • Bowl
  • Different colored bottle caps


  • Take the scrap foam and cut the foam pieces

  • Place the foam pieces in a bowl and the different colored bottle caps next to them on a flat surface

  • And encourage your toddler to sort the colored foam pieces and match them to their corresponding bottle caps

Baby Moo enjoyed playing with the pieces rather than sorting or matching them but it was fun, to see him observing the texture of the foam pieces that slides into his little fingers and palm

And also the messy play part started with the pieces flying all around him?

The result was that Baby Moo had learned: to sort and match the colors and about the texture, in a fun way by enjoying the whole activity in a messy play at the end?

This activity helps the toddlers:: in hand eye coordination, gripping which later helps in writing skills, developing scissor skill…?

Make this super simple activity at home within mins along with your toddler and enjoy, teaching them the education in a fun filled way my lovlies?

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