?Nature Learning (Parts of the Plant)?

Nature learning is the best learning as the exposure to the natural environment improves children’s cognitive development by improving thier awareness reasoning and observational skills?

Here we accidentally studied the “Parts Of A Plant” unit with the nature which turned out to be the brilliant way to introduce the little ones to the plant unit?

??‍♀️ The Story of our accidental learning goes like: One evening we went to the terrace to see the plant and water them; And there, we saw a plant (weed) growing among the plant which wasn’t supposed to be and hence mommy plucked it out and seeing the plant (weed) an idea ? flashed her mind why not teach Baby Moo the parts of a plant and thus the teaching and the learning begun as you can see by following the pictures below ???

It’s said that Exposure to nature reduces stress level in children by 28%…? hence, do this nature activity with your littles and burn (theirs and yours) stresses my lovelies ?

Stay tuned!!! For more Nature’s Teaching-Learning activities from the ChennaiMom??❤️

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